TJC Risk Assessment 2020

Tai Ji Circle trustees have outlined the following Risk Assessment 20 July 2020, to minimise any risk of contact when starting face to face classes in venue again.

Venue Risk Assessment
• Have main doors open for entry and exit
• Signs to remind us to hand washing and keep 2 metres social distancing
• Antiseptic gel and wipes for surfaces
• Maximum 8-10 people in the hall at 2m apart facing towards the teacher
• Hall is airy and can leave the doors open when practicing and windows open where possible

TJC – Requirements for staff and students
• Maximum 12 people in one class – all pre-registered
• Take temperature at the door
• Hand washing for all
• Antiseptic gel and wipes for surfaces
• Students to bring own drinks/flasks/food
• Limited use of kitchen – one person to boil kettle and leave out for use
• Students to wear masks or face coverings when entering building and confined areas/facolities and if they want to during class
• Students in classes to remain calm and avoid excitement or singing!
• Wear your taiji clothes to classes or if changing clothes: men on the stage, women use the small room near the kitchen. Keep your belongings spaced out.
• Use of toilets as space is confined, only 2 people at same time
• Shifu Liu and Chris to trial wearing visors for teaching or masks and in between classes
• Taiji practice students 2 metres spaced side by side facing forward
• Social distance min 1.5m at any other times
• Students to pre book/pay online for all venue classes
• Chris operate the register from office – sign in name with own pen
• NO CASH – pay drop-in class fee online
• Keep students contact details for track and trace for 21 days
• Arriving and exit with care and maintain distance when changing classes
• Shifu Liu will not give hands on corrections until safe to do so and in agreement with student, and will always wear a mask and use antiseptic gel.

Anyone who wants to attend FtF in venue taiji classes must read the following and notify us in advance and immediately if there might be any risk of exposure to infection:
Covid Screening
• Have you or any in your household had a positive COVID-19 test in the last 14 days?
• Have you been in contact with any confirmed/suspected person in the last 14 days
• Have you or any in your household had any Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days?
• Are you working in close social contact with people?
• If you can think of any reason that you might be a risk to students or staff please attend classes on Zoom
Thank you.