Chen Fan Taijiquan: 2 London workshops – In-Venue + Online

The Chen style Taiji fan is a two day workshop with Shifu Liu held at the St Paul’s, Camden venue and live online Zoom.

Taijiquan fan is a weapon routine created by Master Chen Ziqiang, and is part of the Chen Taiji weapon series. The form is based on the Chen foundation practice incorporating the characteristic techniques of the Taiji sword form. The practice is aimed at improving health, enhancing coordination and balance. The opening and closing movements of the form combine the techniques of softness/flexibility and strength, it can be used to attack or to defend. The movements are graceful and elegant, performed with ease and surety.

There will be refreshment breaks and the opportunity to ask questions. Please wear masks, bring your own cup or flask for refreshment breaks and maintain 2 metres social distance indoors.

Suitable for all levels with taiji experience.

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

Times: 13:00–16:00

TJC Workshop Tickets Click on link to book in advance only, no drop-ins or cash accepted. The online Zoom link is sent out with the ticket acknowledgment email, so please keep on your desktop for use.

If you wish to purchase a fan you can try Tai Chi Link website.

Chen Taijiquan 19 Form Workshop: In Venue + Online

Shifu Liu in the 19 Form
Shifu Liu in the 19 Form

Taught by Shifu Liu, this taiji routine was created by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang in response to demand from students for a short routine suitable for beginners to learn. This workshop will be live in venue and online Zoom.

The 19 Chen Taijiquan routine is composed of 19 movements, divided into four sections. The simplicity of the form’s choreography makes it easy to learn for new students, yet offers the experienced practitioner room to express and develop the basic principles, energies and techniques of the style.


Please wear comfortable shoes and loose clothes for training, and wear masks to the venue, sign in for track and trace, use the gel etc, and please be aware of others and maintain a safe distance.

There will be rest breaks and Q&A opportunities throughout the session

Booking and payment on :

The online link will be sent out with acknowledgement email after booking, thank you.

Free Tai Chi 1st Saturday of the Month Online

Free Chen Tai chi in the park on the 1st Saturday of the month has moved online instead! So everyone is now welcome to come and try out a beginners Zoom session of Chen Taiji with Yifei Gong lung strengthening exercise, with Shifu Liu on Saturday.

Please click on Register with Zoom to receive your invitation.
After registering through the link below, you will receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link to joining the meeting.

Please sign in 10 minutes early to set up your audio and camera. We request you have your camera on during the session so Shifu Liu can check your posture and movement.
We will mute everyone’s audio during the session to avoid unwanted sounds, and put it back on for discussion and Q & A for the last 5-10 minutes of the class.

In these times of stress feel tai chi and qi gong practice can help you relax your body and mind, enhance energy and benefit your health.

See you online soon!