14.05.2022: Chen Foundation In-Depth Workshop: In Venue + Online

Shifu Liu leads Chen Foundation taiji training

This will be our second in depth Foundation of the year for exploring Chen Foundation training taught by Tai Ji Circle’s renowned London Chen-style master Liu Quanjun. The standing and silk reeling practice are the roots of Chen Tai Chi (taiji) movement and forms. Benefit health through practical training that both relaxes the mind and body and improves strength, balance and coordination. We also have postural corrections so that you can see what problems to look out for in your own practice.

There will be rest breaks and Q&A

Suitable for everyone for every level.

Time: 13:00-16:00

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall
Camden Square
London, NW1 9XG
(Please ring doorbell for entry).

Advance booking only, no drop-ins or cash. All booking from our workshop site: https://bookwhen.com/taijicircle-workshops/e/ev-sswe-20220507130000
For online workshop bookings the link will be sent out with confirmation email.

Any queries please email Chris, thank you.

Chen Tai Ji Single Sword, 3 London Workshops with Shifu Liu

In this first of three workshop Shifu Liu is teaching the Chen single sword form. The routine enables the student to understand and learn to project energy from the body to the end of the sword tip. Shifu Liu will teach the Chen Tai Ji Quan Sword routine step by step, helping you to understand the parts of the sword used for different techniques such as chop and thrust.
Suitable for those with taiji experience of other Chen weapons and hand forms.

There will be refreshment breaks and opportunities for Q&A.

There is be the opportunity to buy tickets for all three of the workshops, other dates coming up on Saturdays 28 May + 18 June.

All bookings in advance through our Bookwhen sword workshop page link.

Tai Ji Circle AGM & Xmas workshop 2021

We thank our students for attending the AGM at St Paul’s Church hall, and lovely to see so many faces back from before the Covid-19 outbreak.

A few points for the AGM
• Everyone (except Shifu Liu) should wear masks in class unless exempt – please wear exemption badge
No increase to class or membership fees 2022
• Classes and workshops advance payments continue using Bookwhen and are working well
• No cash payments or casual drop-ins without advanced booking in 2022 
In-Venue and Online Zoom hybrid classes and workshops to continue
• Will have regular monthly workshops in Chen taiji weapons interspersed with the Chen hand forms

Shifu Liu Quanjun on student progress in 2021

Due to our Zoom [online classes last and this year during lockdowns] there have been a lot of students who practiced everyday and that has helped their coordination and progress. Due to this Shifu wants them to progress [to teach them] weapons as they have increased their Nei Gong (inner strength) to reach a higher level of practice. The benefits are the same as foundation, good balance, co-ordination and strength. Taiji practice will keep circulation moving and keep us younger.  

Many diseases like cancer are linked to the slowing of the body and you can become sick more easily. Many diseases are linked to cold and wet qi, that is why Shifu Liu recommends not eating and drinking cold foods and drinks. When you practice well and stay warm and your qi is full, your wet qi will sweat out and you will be more healthy and resilient. Most important thing is to store hot young qi in our dantian.  If your fingers feel cold you have already begun to leak yang qi. One way we can measure or understand qi in the body is observing hands. If soft, full and warm qi is good. These beliefs come from thousands of years of experience of Chinese people observing and trying to preserve one’s life.

After today, today is gone so we should use this day the best we can. Diseases are attracted to negative emotions. If happy all the time the best thing to repel sickness and disease. There are no disease that cannot be cured, if there’s no cure the cure has yet to be found. Your intentions can change your situation. A lot of power in intent and thought, positive or negative.

… You can develop good feelings through tai ji and qi gong. It helps people remove their bad feelings and bad intent and replace with good feelings and love for others. Part of our practice is to study our own bodies. Once you understand your own body you can help others to understand theirs. Worry about your own self and peace [of mind] before worrying about others and influencing others. Use these theories in your life, your practice and everywhere. 
Shifu Liu Quanjun

Shifu Liu takes us through Chen Foundation training before teaching Sifang Quan the 4 direction fist form.

TJC’s AGM, Xmas Workshop, Performances and Party with Shifu Liu

TJC will be reporting back to our students for the year 2021 and plans for 2022 with Shifu Liu and trustees for our live in venue and online Annual General Meeting. Following by Shifu Liu teaching Chen Sifang Quan taiji practice suitable for everyone to learn, with Chen demonstrations, and then time to party, bring something you’d like to share easy food and drink, your favourite party piece of music, dance, poetry, song!

Fee: £15.00 Entry by Bookwhen ticket for each person, children free – thank you. https://bookwhen.com/taijicircle-workshops/e/ev-sv7k-20211127100000

If attending online (free to members and overseas friends, the Zoom link will be sent out with the confirmation email.

13:00-14:00 TJC AGM 2021 – plans for 2022
14:00-15:45 Xmas workshop and Tai Ji Performances from Shifu Liu and students
16:00-18:00 Christmas Party (please bring food/drinks to share)

Everyone welcome, timings approximate!

Chen Taijiquan Winter Workshop – In Venue + Live Online

Saturday Chen Taiji Winter workshop with Shifu Liu Quanjun
Revising our Chen taiji syllabus, starting with essential Foundation training of meditation standing practice, five element silk reeling exercises. The second session will be the 19 Step Form, followed by Laojia Yi Lu, the Chen Old Frame form, the ‘keystone’ of the Chen style and considered the most important to practice. Preparing for the winter holidays, Chen taiji training stimulates the circulation of fluids and energy giving us great health benefits for the colder months. Shifu will give us postural and movement correction, and we may also have time for some fan taiji revision or a demo of Chen 13 Step Spear from Shifu Liu.

There will be refreshment breaks and Q&A

All booking and payment in advance please at: https://bookwhen.com/taijicircle-workshops

Chen Fan Taijiquan: 2 London workshops – In-Venue + Online

The Chen style Taiji fan is a two day workshop with Shifu Liu held at the St Paul’s, Camden venue and live online Zoom.

Taijiquan fan is a weapon routine created by Master Chen Ziqiang, and is part of the Chen Taiji weapon series. The form is based on the Chen foundation practice incorporating the characteristic techniques of the Taiji sword form. The practice is aimed at improving health, enhancing coordination and balance. The opening and closing movements of the form combine the techniques of softness/flexibility and strength, it can be used to attack or to defend. The movements are graceful and elegant, performed with ease and surety.

There will be refreshment breaks and the opportunity to ask questions. Please wear masks, bring your own cup or flask for refreshment breaks and maintain 2 metres social distance indoors.

Suitable for all levels with taiji experience.

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

Times: 13:00–16:00

TJC Workshop Tickets Click on link to book in advance only, no drop-ins or cash accepted. The online Zoom link is sent out with the ticket acknowledgment email, so please keep on your desktop for use.

If you wish to purchase a fan you can try Tai Chi Link website.

Chen Taijiquan 19 Form Workshop: In Venue + Online

Shifu Liu in the 19 Form
Shifu Liu in the 19 Form

Taught by Shifu Liu, this taiji routine was created by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang in response to demand from students for a short routine suitable for beginners to learn. This workshop will be live in venue and online Zoom.

The 19 Chen Taijiquan routine is composed of 19 movements, divided into four sections. The simplicity of the form’s choreography makes it easy to learn for new students, yet offers the experienced practitioner room to express and develop the basic principles, energies and techniques of the style.


Please wear comfortable shoes and loose clothes for training, and wear masks to the venue, sign in for track and trace, use the gel etc, and please be aware of others and maintain a safe distance.

There will be rest breaks and Q&A opportunities throughout the session

Booking and payment on : https://bookwhen.com/taijicircle-workshops/e/ev-ssqd-20210918130000

The online link will be sent out with acknowledgement email after booking, thank you.