Chen Ziqiang 2019 London Visit

TJC are expecting a return visit to London in 2019 from the inimitable Master Chen Ziqiang from the 8-15 April, so put the dates in your diaries for a special series of workshops over the weekend 12-14 April.

The son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, Master Chen Ziqiang is a 20th generation direct descendant of the Chen Family Taijiquan, the Chief Coach of the prestigious Chenjiagou Taijiquan School and is a renowned tai ji champion in China and he teaches extensively around the world.

Details to be announced soon. Please email to express your interest and to book a place.

To learn more about the impressive Master Chen and the power of Chen Taijiquan read the very informative article from Kung Fu Magazine by Mark Wasson


Welcome back to Tai Ji Circle and our schedule of Chen Taijiquan classes workshops and events.

Tai Ji Circle Timetable & Calendar
All classes begin on Monday 7 January at the Islington Chinese Association. See the timetable link below for more details. Please note that there are a few changes to classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
In addition to the regular TJC classes, Shifu Liu will be teaching a private Da Bei Qi Gong Class on early on Sunday morning before the regular Foundation Course/class. We have a new Calendar of workshops planned for 2019 and an exciting visit from Master Chen Ziqiang in April. See all workshop details on the Calendar.

Memberships & Classes Passes
Becoming a Tai Ji Circle member enables you to buy class passes at a cheaper rater, so that you can train more regularly, it also gives reduced fees for all workshops, membership and insurance from the BCCMA, and free training if you are a member of the TJC Performance Team.

If you bought your membership at the end of the year then you can renew for 2019, any couples can apply and save money with a family membership. Easy purchase or renewal of memberships and class passes, can be done by Credit Card or Paypal from the website on the links below. There are no additional charges when paying this way and TJC are notified, so it is our preferred payment method.

Foundation Students of 2018
We would encourage students to join our membership to get the maximum benefit from taiji practice, and hope that you would like to continue your training with us by attending the Foundation course classes again, and trying the 19 Form Class. This will help to expand and deepen your experience of the Chen practice. it takes time to assimilate the postural and technical requirements but once you have memorised the movements it is easier to learn the longer forms at the heart of the Chen style of taijiquan. Persistence and perseverance are required, the true meaning of gong fu practice.

New Students to Tai Ji Circle
We have our new Chen Taijiquan Foundation Courses starting on Sunday 13 January
Each new Beginners’ Foundation Course offers eight classes taught by Shifu Liu with Chris and Darrell, and require regular attendance twice a week for four weeks on Sundays and Thursdays. This helps new students have time to assimilate and reinforce the principles of the training. If you are unable to attend twice a week you can use the 8-class pass to attend other Foundation classes within the 15 week term.

Tai Ji Circle’s Xmas Event of 2018!

Tai Ji Circle’s winter health workshop with Shifu Liu was insightful, varying from advice on diet, to using Qi Gong sounds to warm us up, with a visit from Torben Hersberg an ace osteopath and colleague of Shifu Liu’s from Central London Osteopathy Clinic. The AGM preceded the Assessment awards, and food preparations in the kitchen took place while we practiced Chen Foundation and performances of hand and weapon forms.  Gary broke a concrete block, he made it look easy, but don’t try this at home!… he keeps up his training in the powerful Ying (hard) Qi Gong of Shifu Liu. Everyone was incredibly generous bringing all sorts of delicious party food. One of our students sang accompanied by Shifu Liu on the harmonica and they also sang Chinese songs together. Shifu Liu’s powerful voice soared out with a beautiful love song from his homeland Xinjiang, dedicated to his wife. Michael told us stories and we even learnt the first moves of Salsa. Great time.

Congratulations to the students who despite their nerves took part in and won 2019 training prizes at TJC’s Chen Assessments, awarded by Shifu Liu at the AGM and the following day in class for those who couldn’t make the party.

2018 was a good training year and Shifu was very happy with the progress on his students and this was a full and wonderful way to finish off; with students, families and friends. Thank you all for you support and help with clearing up… and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year in 2019.

TJC’s: Free Health Seminar, AGM, Performances and Party with Shifu Liu

After a fabulous year of training with Shifu Liu, Tai Ji Circle are having a free Winter Health Workshop, our AGM, Perfomances of Chen Taijiquan and Christmas party for everyone to enjoy before the winter holidays.

Charity AGM: TJC present our plans for 2019 and look forward to student feedback and views on changes.

Presentation of the 2019 Assessment Awards from Shifu Liu to TJC students.

Maintaining Winter Health, Seminar with Shifu Liu

Different healing methods:

1. Food Therapy – acidic and alkaline body constitution

According to different types of illnesses, you use different combinations of food to alter and rebalance the body’s condition, in order to achieve a healthy body.

2. Qigong Therapy

There are different types and different methods of Qigong practice, or a combination of different practices will be used, to suit an individual’s body requirements, to adjust and rebalance the body condition.

3. Dianxue Tuina and Bone Correction Tuina (massage)

According to the requirements of different health conditions, these are different methods of healing.

4. Skin Scraping (Gua Sha) – It is a simple practice, and health maintenance therapy.

5. Chinese herbal medicine

6. Taiji Quan – different practice methods for different treatment, it is also best for maintaining a healthy body.

Performances: Learn more about the progression of skill and techniques of Chen Taijiquan displayed in the forms from our syllabus. Enjoy dynamic excerpts from XInjia Er Lu, Chen Fan and more… and come and join in with the Foundation practice to start us off.

Christmas Party: Family and friends are welcome to join us for the performances and come and eat, sing, dance and perform your favourite party piece for everyone to enjoy… and hear Shifu Liu’s remarkable voice!

Please bring easy food and drinks to share, with Chris’s hot mulled apple juice.

FREE Entry by Eventbrite ticket for each person – thank you


13:30-14:30 TJC AGM – new plans for 2019

14:30-15:45 Presention of Assessment Awards

15:00-17:30 Winter Health Workshop with Shifu Liu

17:30-18:15 Tai Ji Performances

18:15-20:00 Christmas Party

Everyone welcome, timings approximate!

TJC’s FREE Winter Event with Shifu Liu 15.12.18

15 December, 13:30 – 20:00

>> St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, NW1 9XG <<

Don’t miss TJC’s end-of-year celebrations…

Health & Wellbeing Workshop with Shifu Liu, a specialist in Chinese medicine therapies: learn about, and try his great tips for staying well this winter. With advice on food, gi gong, tai ji therapy, Chinese massage and much more.
Family and friends of every age are welcome to come along

AGM: TJC present our plans for 2019 and look forward to student feedback and views on changes.

Presentation of the 2018 TJC Assessment Awards

Taiji Performances from Shifu Liu and TJC students.
Learn more about the progression of skill and techniques of Chen Taijiquan.

Christmas Party Come and make merry, eat, sing, dance and perform your party piece!

Everyone welcome, timings approximate!

Please bring food and drink to share

FREE Entry by Eventbrite Ticket

TJC Assessments with Shifu Liu

Shifu Liu demonstrating some Chen taiji principles at the 2018 Assessments

TJC Assessments on Sunday 9 January

Before the Assessments began on Sunday, Shifu Liu demonstrated and discussed some of the specific yin and yang attributes of the Chen Style Taijiquan, fast, slow; soft, strong, the particular circular or twining movements that are characteristic. Other advice was on posture, keeping the head and body straight, maintaining your ten ‘doors’, with reference to keeping all the joints open and relaxed. Use of the feet to push the floor and lead the energy up towards the dantian, the waist and outwards through the hands to the finger tips, (the dantian is the main energy centre in Chinese medicine theory, located in the abdomen below the navel). The importance of relaxing the palms and fingers while keeping the fingers straight, relaxing the feet to enable the energy to flow to the toes, using the eyes to follow the hand… just some of the useful advise that he gave to us.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, especially the foundation group overcoming their nerves to take part, not easy, even for skilled practitioners.

Four foundation student members who have made the most progress, plus one sponsored prize, will be awarded our training prizes after the AGM on 15 December.

TJC Chen Taijiquan Seminar & Assessments: Watch and Learn, with Shifu Liu

Everyone invited, buy a ticket, come and participate in the Foundation class, then stay and watch and learn from the experience!

9 December – Sunday 10:00 to 14:00


10:00-11:00: Foundation Chen Taiji Class
11:15-11:45: Chen Tai Ji requirements, principles and demonstration with Shifu Liu
11:45-14:00: Student Assessments and Feedback from Shifu Liu

After a year of growth, learning, practicing….and standing, lots and lots of standing, year end assessments are a fantastic opportunity for Tai JI Circle students to demonstrate their progress and receive feedback from Shifu Liu.

Reflection is a critical part of practicing Tai Ji Quan and taking a moment at the end of the year to consider what we have accomplished and how we can improve, is exceptionally valuable for our TaiJi.  We can also learn by watching the assessments as it is valuable experience.

At year end assessments of Chen Taijiquan Shifu Liu provides TJC students direct feedback, and we will present free training awards to students who have made the most improvement over the course of the year. All TJC students are encouraged to participate regardless of experience. Shifu Liu will discuss and demonstrate the basic requirements of Chen style taijiquan before we start the assessments.

TJC are very fortunate to have Shifu Liu as our teacher and assessor as he is a very experienced wushu/taijiquan competition judge both in China and the UK and can examine students to the 3rd Duan Wei level of the Chinese Wushu Association. So don’t miss out on his expert feedback.

These assessments are intended for regular Tai Ji Circle students, but if you feel you are not ready for assesment yet, or are not one of our regular students but would like to come along join in and watch you are welcome to buy a ticket and come along.

Students will demonstrate forms together in groups.  Shifu Liu will provide each student a mark and feedback after each assessment.  Students may participate in as many assessments as they like.

Assessment order
Foundation: silk reeling, 9 form
19 Form
38 Form
Lao Jia Yi Lu

You may request assessment in any other hand form/weapon form that Shifu Liu teaches.  (Please notify Chris & Shifu Liu in advance by email)

TJC Assessment Training Prizes 2019
1st Prize: 5 x class weekly pass for Term One
2nd Prize: 2 x class weekly pass for Term One
4th Prize: 8 class pass for Term One
5th Prize: Free Workshop in Term One

TJC students who have improved most will win our awards, and 2019 membership will be required to use your prize. Awards must to be used during Term One, 7 January to 28 April 2019. (Disciples are not eligible for prizes).

• £10.00 ticket includes participation in Foundation Class and Assessment if required or a watching ticket
• £10 for each Chen Form assessed

The Assessment prizes will be awarded at our special AGM, with Chen Taijiquan Performances and Xmas Party on Saturday afternoon 15 December from 13:30, to be held at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, NW1 9XG. 

7.11.18: Tai Ji Circle Perform for Henan Province Tourism

Tai Ji Circle were invited to perform Chen Taijiquan on behalf of Henan Province Tourism delegation at the WTM event at the Excel Centre in London. With our students we spent three days at this massive travel event, finally performing at the ABTA stand for the delegates from Henan. Chris is presented a silk scarf by Madame Zhou Yaoxia, the Vice Director General of the Henan Tourism Administration. We are most grateful to Donna, Raul and Danny taking time out of work to be there, great fun.







17 Nov + 1 Dec: Xinjia Yi Lu, Chen Taijiquan workshops with Shifu Liu

Tai Ji Circle’s Xinjia Yi Lu workshops with 6th Duan Shifu Liu are a rare opportunity to study the brilliant first Chen New Frame routine, created from Laojia Yi Lu (the oldest Chen hand form) by Chen Fake, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang’s grandfather.

Shifu will teach postures from the Xinjia routine, which contains skilful circular movements rooted in silk reeling theories and energetic fajing practice, these will be practical workshops. Shifu Liu will correct your body posture and movements, and we hope that you will gain a better understanding of the requirements and the underlying principles of tai ji training and the particular fajin or energy releases, and applications found within the Xinjia form.

It is best to wear lose comfortable clothes, flat shoes, and not to eat a very heavy meal just before training.

This workshop is in two parts, each a four hour workshop, there will be refreshment breaks and the opportunity to ask questions.

Suitable for those with Chen-style experience of the 38 Form or Laojia Yi Lu

• 17 November Part 1 (the Eventbrite booking link will be closed after this date)

• 1 December  Part 2

Times: 1.30 – 5.30 pm

Workshop Fees per day:
Non-members £65
Tai Ji Circle Members £50

Workshop Fees for two workshops:
Non-members £125
Tai Ji Circle Members £95

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

Any queries email: [email protected] or contact us through Eventbrite.

26.01.19: Chen Taijiquan 19 Step Form workshop with Shifu Liu

Chen 19 Part Form with Shifu Liu Quanjun

26 January 2019

Time: 13:30 – 17:30

Created by Chen Xiao Wang in response to demand from students for a short routine suitable for beginners. The form is composed of 19 movements, divided into four sections. The simplicity of the form’s choreography makes it easy to learn for new students, yet offers the experienced practitioner room to express and develop the basic principles, energies and techniques of the style.

This is the last workshop for the 19 Part Form to be given by Tai Ji Circle this year, so is an opportunity to revise or learn and increase understanding of the movements and requirements of this beginners form, practice some fajin (energy releases) and martial techniques contained within each movement.

We will supply a sheet with the movement names in Chinese Pinyin and English translation.

Open to all levels

All workshops have time for refreshment breaks

Seminar Fee
Drop-in Fee: £55 Members          £70 Non-members (cash or cheque only)
Paid in advance: £50 Members   £65 Non-members

Booking essential, queries please email: [email protected]

St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG