14.12.19: TJC’s Xmas Celebrations, AGM, Concert of Chinese Music with Taiji and Party

After a fabulous year of training with Shifu Liu, Tai Ji Circle are holding our Christmas celebrations: first our AGM, then a concert of beautiful traditional Chinese music with the wonderful performer Joanna Zhenghui Qiu, and demonstrations of Chen Taijiquan with Shifu Liu and students followed by the Christmas party for everyone to enjoy before the winter holidays.

Charity AGM: TJC present our future plans for 2020 and look forward to student feedback and views.

Presentation of the 2019 Assessment Awards from Shifu Liu to TJC students.

Concert and Performances:
• Shifu Liu will teach us the fun and active Da Bei Qi Gong technique called “Lively Step” before we start the taiji demonstrations.
Concert of beautiful live Chinese music, with traditional instruments, the Guzheng, Erhu and more from Joanna Zhenghui Qiu.
• Chen Performances:
we welcome everyone to join in with Foundation practice, the 9 Form and 19 Form practice, to start us off and demonstrate what we have learned this year. Learn more about buy xanax 0.25 mg the progression of skill and the techniques of Chen Taijiquan and Hard Qi Gong training with demonstrations from Shifu Liu and students. Enjoy dynamic excerpts from XInjia Er Lu, Chen Fan and more… We will send out more details of our programme soon.

Christmas Party and Raffle: Come and make merry, eat, sing, dance, teach us your speciality and perform your party piece for everyone to enjoy… and hear Shifu Liu’s remarkable voice!

There’ll be a Fundraising raffle with great prizes of TJC Gift Cards (classes and workshops make great presents), Chinese massage and anything you would like to wrap and bring along to contribute.

Get tickets and bring family and friends, all welcome.

Please bring easy food and drinks to share… with Chinese dumplings and Chris’s hot mulled apple juice.

FREE Entry by Eventbrite ticket only, for each person (so we know how many people will be coming along) – thank you

Timetable – Timings approximate!
13:30-14:15 TJC AGM – new plans for 2020
14:15-14:30 Presention of 2019 Assessment Awards to students
14:30-15:30 Traditional Music Concert and Chen Tai Ji Performances
15:30-16:15 Refreshments
16:15-19:00 Christmas celebrations, share your songs, poems, dance, make music, and raffle prizes

TJC Chen Taiji Seminar & Assessments 2019 with Shifu Liu

After a year of growth, learning, practicing….and standing, lots and lots of standing, year end assessments are a fantastic opportunity for Tai JI Circle students to demonstrate their progress and receive feedback from Shifu Liu. Everyone is invited, buy a ticket, come and participate in the Foundation class and test, then stay and watch and learn from the experience!

8 December – Sunday 10:00 to 14:00

10:00-11:00: Foundation Chen Taiji Class
11:15-11:45: Chen Tai Ji requirements, principles and demonstration with Shifu Liu
11:45-14:00: Student Assessments and Feedback from Shifu Liu

Reflection is a critical part of practicing Tai Ji Quan and taking a moment at the end of the year to consider what we have accomplished and how we can improve, is exceptionally valuable for our Taiji.  We can also learn by watching the assessments as it is valuable experience to see other students practice.

At year end assessments of Chen Taijiquan Shifu Liu provides TJC students direct feedback, and we will present free training awards to students who have made the most improvement over the course of the year. All TJC students are encouraged to participate regardless of experience. Shifu Liu will discuss and demonstrate the basic requirements of Chen style taijiquan before we start the assessments.

TJC are very fortunate to have Shifu Liu as our teacher and assessor as he is a very experienced wushu/taijiquan competition judge both in China and the UK and can examine students for Duan Wei levels of the Chinese Wushu Association. So don’t miss out on his expert feedback.

These assessments are intended for regular Tai Ji Circle students, but if you feel you are not ready for assesment yet, or are not one of our regular students but would like to come along join in and watch you are welcome to buy a ticket and come along.

Students will demonstrate forms together in groups.  Shifu Liu will provide each student a mark and feedback after each assessment.  Students may participate in as many Chen taiji form assessments they like.

Assessment order
Foundation: silk reeling, 9 form
19 Form
38 Form
Lao Jia Yi Lu

Senior students may request assessment in any other hand form/weapon form that Shifu Liu teaches.  (Please notify Chris & Shifu Liu in advance by email to arrange).

TJC Assessment Training Prizes 2019 – to be used in Term One 2020
1st Prize: 5 x class weekly pass for Term One
2nd Prize: 2 x class weekly pass for Term One
4th Prize: 8 class pass for Term One
5th Prize: Free Workshop in Term One

Those TJC students who have improved most will win our awards.  Awards should be used during Term One. (Disciples are not eligible for prizes). Please note that 2020 membership will be required to use your award.

• £10.00 ticket includes participation in Foundation Class and Assessment if required or a watching ticket
• £10 for each Chen Form assessed
Payments by cash only on the day.

The Assessment prizes will be awarded at our special AGM, with Chen Taijiquan Performances and Xmas Party on Saturday afternoon 14 December, from 13:30, to be held at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, NW1 9XG. 

9+16+30.11.2019: Xinjia Yi Lu, 3 Chen Taijiquan workshops with Shifu Liu

Tai Ji Circle’s three Xinjia Yi Lu workshops with 6th Duan Shifu Liu are a rare opportunity for in-depth study of the lively 1st Chen New Frame routine, created and structured on Laojia Yi Lu (the oldest Chen hand form) by Chen Fake, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang’s grandfather.

Shifu Liu will teach the whole Xinjia routine over three workshops. It contains skilful circular movements rooted in silk reeling theories and energetic fajing practice. Shifu Liu will correct your body posture and movements, and we hope that you will gain a better understanding of the requirements and the underlying principles of advanced tai ji training, the particular fajin or energy releases, and applications found within the Xinjia form.

It is best to wear lose comfortable clothes, flat shoes, and not to eat a very heavy meal just before training.

These workshops are in three parts, each a four hour workshop, there will be refreshment breaks and the opportunity to ask questions.

Suitable for those with Chen-style experience of the 38 Form or Laojia Yi Lu

Workshops on 9+16+30 November (the Eventbrite booking link will be closed after 9 November 2019)

Times: 1.30 – 5.30 pm

Advance Workshop Fees per day:
Non-members £65
Tai Ji Circle Members £50

Advance Workshop Fees for three workshops:
Non-members £150
Tai Ji Circle Members £135

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

Any queries email: [email protected] or contact us through Eventbrite.

38 Form Tai Chi Demo

Chris was invited to perform a solo Chen routine for the students of Long River Tai Chi with their teacher Richard Selby, at the Ewen Hall in Barnet. It was a lovely occasion with all Richard’s students taking part performing a mix of Yang style and qi gong routines. And it was really wonderful to perform the 38 Chen Form created by GM Chen Xiaowang to live music on the Guzheng (Chinese zither, an instrument with a history of 2.500 yrs) played by Ms Yuet Ho Mok.

2.11.19: Chen Foundation Tai Chi: London workshop with Shifu Liu

Tai Ji Circle’s last Beginners Chen Tai Chi Foundation workshop of 2019

6th Duan Shifu Liu, will work with standing, and silk reeling exercises which are the basic essentials and foundation for Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) training. Specifically improving the standing and stepping silk reeling exercises and some martial applications, or teaching a short form if there is time.

Standing practice, (called Zhan Zhaung), begins the process of internal discovery, relaxes, realigns and strengthens the body to improve your posture. Silk reeling exercise training improves coordination and leads you to sense the energetic changes that take place in the body through the accurate alignment, placement and movement of the body, as well as reflecting the martial, medical and philosophical aspects of the training such as weight changing and the exchange of yin yang in movement (eg. light/heavy or open/close). If there is time we will also teach a short Chen Form or practice some martial techniques during the workshop.

This will be a practical workshop, Shifu Liu will correct your body posture and movements, and we hope that you will gain a better understanding of the requirements and the underlying principles of Chen tai ji training.

It is best to wear lose comfortable clothes, flat shoes, and not to eat a very heavy meal just before training.

As it is a four hour workshop, there will be refreshment breaks and the opportunity to ask questions.

Suitable for all levels and new students to Chen Taijiquan.

Workshop Fees:
Drop-in Fee: £55 Members, £70 Non-Members   (Cash or cheques only on-the-door)

Paid in advance: TJC Members: £50,   Non-members: £65

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

19.10.19: TJC London Push Hands workshop with Grandmaster Zhu Changhai

Tai Ji Quan Push Hands and Applications London Seminar with Grandmaster Zhu Changhai 

Master Liu and Tai Ji Circle are very pleased and fortunate to be able to welcome back Grandmaster Zhu Changhai for his popular push hands and applications workshop. He is ranked 8th Duan Wei by the Chinese Wushu Association for high personal achievement and worldwide contributions in promoting and developing Chen Style Taijiquan, and is also a disciple of Chen Xiaowang, the 20th Generation Lineage Holder of Chen Family Taijiquan.

GM Zhu was a push hands Champion of the whole of China and is renowned for his deep knowledge, hands-on approach and safe teaching of tai ji push hands and martial applications. This will be a classic tai ji push hands seminar suitable for all levels and will broaden the experience and understanding of how the martial arts can be used in taiji practice.

Grandmaster Zhu is also the Chairman of the Irish National Martial Arts Association, and President of the Northern Ireland Wushu Association.

Advance EB Seminar Fee: £60.00 TJC member, £75.00 non-member
Tickets on the door: £65 TJC member, £80 non-member (cash only)

Book a place below through Eventbrite or with Chris: [email protected]

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, London, NW1 9XG

All four hour workshops have refreshment breaks

12 October Extra Saturday Classes begin

This is the first date of Shifu Liu’s extra Saturday classes as outlined below. A great opportunity to practice more Qi Gong, or learn the Chen Spear Form and gain extra strength power training with Shifu.

Shifu Liu’s NEW Saturday Classes 14:00 -17:00 at St Paul’s on:
12, 26 October
30 November and
7 December

Saturday Classes Timetable on dates above:
14:00 -15:00 Shifu Liu’s Private Class: Da Bei Qi Gong (drop-in £10)*
15:00 – 16:00  Chen Taiji Weapons – Chen Spear Form
16:00 -17:00  Chen Martial Applications and strength training

These extra classes are interspersed between workshops.

*Shifu Liu’s private Qi Gong Class Fee: £10.00 (cash only)
Regular TJC Term Passes can be used, or normal drop-in fees.

7+21.9.19 + 5.10.19: Chen Old Frame One, 3 Taiji Workshops with Shifu Liu

In this three-part London workshop, Shifu Liu will take an in-depth look at Laojia Yi Lu, the classic Old Frame, the seminal form for Chen style Taijiquan. We will study it in three parts, the 1st on 7 September, the 2nd on 21 September and the last on 5 October.

For those who aren’t familiar with the routine, it has 74 movements and is the basis of many other Chen style tai ji routines that have this as their underlying structure and buy real alprazolam once you remember it, you can see the references in the sequence of moves in the other Chen forms. It is characterised as ‘Yin’ with many soft, smooth twining movements indispersed with fajing, energy releases such as a punch or kick. Laojia Yi Lu was created by Chen Changxing in the 19th C, from the original sets of tai ji originator, Chen Wanting, a general of the Ming dynasty in China. It is the oldest tai ji routine from which many modern tai ji styles originate, such as Yang and Wu styles.

Shifu Liu has said that these workshops will be accessible to all who are familiar with Chen Foundation practice and encourages them to come along, as movements from the 19 Form and much of the 38 Form are covered within this root practice. He will teach the routine with posture and movement correction, covering different aspects and techniques of the whole form over three workshops. There will be refreshment breaks and the opportunity to ask questions.

Suitable for all levels

Dates: 7 + 21 September + 5 October 2019

Times: 13:30 – 17.30

Seminar Fees:
Single workshop ?65 (non-member), ?50 for TJC Members
Treble Workshop ?150 (non-member), ?135.00 TJC Members

Advanced booking on Eventbrite only available until 7 September as Eventbrite cannot do multiple events. Payment can be made in advance in class or by BACS. Email for info.

email us with any queries: [email protected]


St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

New Saturday afternoon Classes at St Paul’s

We can now confirm Shifu Liu’s three additional Saturday classes in between workshops, so there is a Saturday practice most weeks, the details are below. Classes start on the dates given, beginning on 12 October. Shifu Liu will continue teaching his Da Bei class at 9.00am on Sundays mornings at the Islington Chinese Association.

Shifu Liu’s NEW Saturday Classes at St Paul’s, Camden Square on:
12, 26 October, 
30 November and 
7 December

Saturday Class Times: 14:00 -17:00
14:00 -15:00 Shifu Liu’s Private Class: Da Bei Qi Gong* All levels
15:00 – 16:00 Chen Taiji Weapons – Chen Spear Form – Long form, level 3-4
16:00 -17:00 Chen Martial applications and strength training

These extra classes are interspersed between workshops.
Saturday Class Fees:
• Shifu Liu’s Da Bei Qi Gong: £10* cash only
• Term Three TJC Passes or drop-in fees can be used for payment for the other classes.

Any queries please email us. Thank you.

Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – with Tai Ji Circle London

Tai Ji Circle welcomed this opportunity to meet Councillor Sabrina Francis, Deputy Mayor of Camden Council, and Mr Gong Songqi the Deputy Mayor of Jiaozuo city, and the rest of the officials from China who brought the 2019 China Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – The Thousand Miles on “The Belt & Road” to London.

We are immensely grateful to Councillor Francis for giving up her time on a bank holiday Saturday to join us and to all our students and friends who also came along to support us during their holidays. We would like to especially thank the TJC demonstration team who trained with Shifu Liu for their performances, photographers Matt, Raul and Lai for help with photographs, Michael for helping with introductions in Chinese.

Thanks to Ms. Zheng Xiaomin who provided us with English translations and presented unseen, the audio visual presentation up in the sound booth and Gary for taking care of microphones and video connections.

Shifu Liu Quanjun travelled with the 2019 China Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – The Thousand Miles on the “The Belt & Road”, to Edinburgh, Oxford, and finished in London with Tai Ji Circle. We are very happy to celebrate China’s cultural ‘gift’ of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), that is loved and shared worldwide, and help to promote exchange between British and Chinese peoples. 

The Chinese delegation were:
Mr. Gong Songqi, Deputy Mayor of Jiaozuo Municipal People’s Government
Mr. Li Jianyang, Deputy Secretary for Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism of Jiaozuo City
Ms. Li Meiling, Vice Governor of Wenxian People’s Government of Jiaozuo City
Mr. Li Xuhua, Deputy Director, Information Office, Jiaozuo City Government
Mr. Wang Haichang, Director of Wenxian Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism of Jiaozuo City
Ms. Zheng Xiaomin, Deputy Director, Chenjiagou Scenic Area Administration Bureau, Wenxian City, Jiaozuo City
Mr. Feng Zhijian, President of Jiaozuo Tourism Association and Chairman of Yuntai International Travel Agency of Henan Province.

Belt and Road Tour Group picture London 24 August 2019
Councillor Sabrina Francis with Mr Gong Songqi and the other Chinese delegates, with TJC students and friends at the end of our event.