15 July: Camden New Town Festival Demonstration

Thanks to everyone who came to the demonstration for the Camden New Town Festival at St Paul’s. Shifu Liu led us through some Foundation training where everyone could join in, before doing the Chen Four-Direction fist and some Bagua and Xing Yi (alternative internal martial arts training for a workshop he wants to do in August). Lai and Piyush performed the 56 Competition routine, and we finished up with the Chen Sword form. They all gave great performances and it was very enjoyable despite the heat.
Thanks very much for coming along, and giving us your time and energy.

2 July: Shifu Liu meets Mr Chen Deliang

Shifu Liu presents Mr. Chen Deliang of the Chinese in Britain Forum with a cheque, monies raised from the TJC fundraiser earlier in 2018. It is for a memorial to celebrate the Chinese workers who supported the troops during World War One. Mr Deliang is the London Deputy Adjutant of the queen, Britain’s first Chinese mayor and a former mayor of Redbridge.

Chen Taiji Fan: New Class starts on 2 July

After a great seminar with Shifu Liu working with the complexities of the Chen Taiji Fan on Saturday, we are adding the Fan form to our classes starting from 2 July 2018.

Taiji fan is part of the Taiji weapon series. The form is based on the foundation practice incorporating the characteristic techniques of the Taiji sword form. The practice is aimed at improving health, enhancing coordination and balance. It’s fun and challenging to perform.

Class Time: 18:30–19:30

There will be a change to the TJC timetable taking place from 2 July. There will no longer be a Foundation class on a Monday evening.

After the success of the Chen Fan workshop Shifu Liu is going to continue teaching the Fan Form on Monday evenings. Later in the year he will combine it with teaching the Chen Stick routine.

Monday night’s classes from 2 July
Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG

18:30 – 19:30 Chen Tai Ji Chen Fan Form
19:30 – 20:30 Chen Tai Ji 74 Part Old Frame Form Laojia Yi Lu
20:30 – 21:30 Chen Cannon Fist Form Laojia Er Lu

Currently we don’t have any spare fans but I will ask Shifu Liu if he can obtain some. If you cannot wait, please see the Tai Chi Link sales site for options.

Push Hands with Chen Ziqiang in London May 2018

Our second and third workshops with Master Chen Ziqiang on his London visit were on Chen style Push Hands, Tui Shou. We were fortunate to be able to have a morning and evening session to consolidate his teaching. Master Chen’s set his typically challenging series of warm exercises, including the very deep horse stance, Ma Bu. Training us with single palm in the morning session, Master Chen demonstrated and explained both the movements and the martial applications, and with Master Liu made sure that everyone had corrections to posture and understood the requirements. it’s an honour for us to have the experience to work with Master Chen in London. Thanks also to Calvin for his translation.

20 May: Sunday Classes Venue Change

Sunday 20 May Venue Change The Islington Chinese Assocation has an all day event taking place so we cannot use the hall and we have arranged three hours of classes on Sunday afternoon from 13:00-16:00 pm at St Paul’s in Camden Square, NW1 9XG:-
13:00-14:00 – Chen Foundation Course
14:00-15:00 – 19 Part Form
15:00-16:00 – Xinjia Yi Liu, New Frame 1

All our other classes follow the regular timetable, apologies for any inconvenience.

Chen Ziqiang in London 2018: Foundation training

Tai Ji Circle were honoured to be able to host Master Chen Ziqiang for three sessions in London. The first evening was on Foundation Chen training, after a strong warm-up we were taken through Zhang Zhaung, Standing Post training.  This is the important introduction to Chen style, and through working with the standing practice the body posture can be corrected, and emphasis placed on the work and heat/energy produced in the legs. Another essential is the silk reeling exercises, moving the body and arms, correcting weight changing and posture. Master Chen worked with several students to individually check and correct the angle of the pelvis and legs, a wonderful experience.

World Tai Chi Day 2018

Despite grey chilly weather people turned out to try out Chen Taijiquan and we had a great morning at our free tai chi session. The rain held off and we practised on the area at the top of the square to avoid the muddy grass. It was great to be out in the fresh air to train and we were all wrapped up against the cold. Shifu Liu led us through Silk reeling exercises, and then the 9 Part Form created by GM Chen Xiao Wang for beginner students. Having worked with the opening sections of the Shifu used our student Gary to show us the applications from that second movement, ‘Pounding the Mortar’. Thanks are due the everyone who came out and especially Tai Ji Circle students who came to help and work with the less experienced students.


Easter… Free Tai Ji… Classes resume

30 March to 1 April: Three-day London Easter Chen Taijiquan Seminar with Shifu Liu
Great workshops with Shifu Liu, and because of using the smaller downstairs hall on Saturday, Shifu gave us the choice of a Bagua or Xing Yi Session… Bagua won out and for many it was the first time to try out the First Bagua Routine. Shifu Liu of course came to correct posture which is opposite to the Chen with knees and feet turned inwards for most stances and sliding step-work… the afternoon Xinjia Yi Lu sessions gave plenty of opportunity to work on the more difficult spiralling movements of the routine.

Free Tai Ji in Camden Square – Saturday 7.4.18 at 12 Noon

Saturday 7 April Free Chen Tai Ji in the Park, 12.00noon to 1.15pm in Camden Square Gardens, NW1.
Join in or try out our free tai chi with Shifu Liu. Meet outside St Paul’s Church Hall, NW1 9XG at 12.00 and walk down to the park. If you are interested you can just come along or join in the MeetUp Group. The sessions give an opportunity to try out the training, so many come along for the first time.
Everyone welcome, no experience necessary. 

Sunday Classes continue on 8 April

Shifu Liu makes corrections to posture during our tai ji Foundation training. The Foundation Course continues from10.00-11.00am on Sunday. Correct posture and chansi gong practice, (silk reeling exercises), are key to successful performance of Chen tai ji routines for all levels, so don’t miss out on this essential training.

All classes start from Sunday 8 April as per the normal timetable and continue until Sunday 29 April.

Term Two begins Monday 30 April.

Easter Travel Disruption on the Northern Line

We saw today that there will be disruption on parts of the Northern Line over Easter, basically no service from Friday through to Monday. Camden Town and Archway will be closed, there will be a replacement bus service, Service B (King’s Cross to Archway – see second pic for details), but it is very inconvenient for travel to our Easter workshops, as Archway is the nearest underground station. https://tfl.gov.uk/status-updates/planned-works-calendar and https://tfl.gov.uk/tube-dlr-overground/status/


Here are the posters for information.