Da Bei Qi Gong, Online Easter Workshop for Health and Well Being

Focus on health and well being, in Shifu Liu’s 3 day online workshops on the special meditative Buddhist practice of Da Bei Qi Gong

Join Shifu Liu Quanjun in these Easter Zoom online workshops and learn all about this special qi gong practice and theory, what it is for and how the practice can help us.

The seminar/workshops will focus on the different types and practices of Da Bei Qi Gong… of “great compassion, wisdom, supernatural power” – introducing the origin, development, name and theory of Gongfa (method of practice), why is it a high-function Gongfa? This also takes into account the relationship between heaven, earth and man.

• What should we do in practice?

• What are the points for attention in practice and what are the reactions?

• How to practice the function as soon as possible?

Skill 1: the training methods and functions of “a thousand hands and a thousand eyes” series.

Skill 2: the practice methods and functions of the Healing Sounds Qi Gong, six character Zhenyan and Hum, Ha, He.

Shifu Liu will answer questions such as:- What are the effects on the human body? What’s the effect in the treatment of diseases? What are the functions? What effect will it have on the development of human special functions? What is the overall effect?

These are the keys to practice.

The meditative focus with Da Bei Qi Gong is on the movements, respiration, mind and will, so that the qi (energy) circulates smoothly during the practice.

The body’s internal qi is the medicine for healing, and Da Bei Qi Gong stimulates the free flow of energy throughout the body and can be practiced for healing oneself or for building energy.

This is the first of a series of workshops for gaining a teacher’s certification for Da Bei Qi Gong from Shifu Liu. To obtain this you must attend all the workshops and a face to face interview with Shifu Liu when permissable.

Suitable for everyone, no experience needed.

There will be refreshment breaks and opportunities for Q&A at the end.

Shifu Liu Quanjun is:

• 20th Generation teacher and Disciple of Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, 19th generation lineage heir of Chen family Taijiquan

• The only authorised London Chen Taijiquan teacher of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan Association

• 2nd Generation Da Bei Qi Gong (Hai Tank Shaolin monk lineage)

• 6th Duan Wei level from the Wushu Association of China

• ‘A’ Graded Instuctor Member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain,

• Instructor Member of the BCCMA, and Competition Judge for tai chi and wushu

• Associate Member of the ATCM, The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (UK) for the practice of Tui Na (Chinese Massage).

13 + 20 March: Chen Taiji Laojia Yi Lu, Live Online Workshops

Classic Chen Taijiquan, Laojia Yi Lu with Shifu Liu Quanjun. Online with Zoom.
Date: 14 November 2020
In Venue option cance

Date: 13 + 20 March 2021


Times: 13:00-16:00

Shifu Liu will teach Laojia Yi Lu, (Old Frame), the classic form of Chen Taijiquan, covering the whole routine checking movements and posture.

Laojia Yi Lu has 74 movements and is the basis of many other Chen style tai ji routines that have this as their underlying structure, you can see the references in the sequence of other Chen hand routines.

It is characterised as Yin with many soft, smooth twining movements indispersed with fajing, energy releases such as a punches or kicks. Laojia Yi Lu was created by Chen Changxing in the 19th C, from the original sets of tai ji originator, Chen Wanting, a general of the Ming dynasty in China. It is the oldest tai ji routine from which many modern tai ji styles originate, such as Yang and Wu styles.

There will be a refreshment breaks and Q&A.

Suitable for all levels with some experience

Please book the online ticket to get your joining link and Chris will also send you the Zoom joining link beforehand in case of problems. Thank you.

20 February: TJC Tai Ji Ball Online Workshop

Shfu Liu Quanjun’s taiji ball training helps increase strength and energy

Shifu Liu will teach a series of movements to perform with a weighted ball that will strengthen the whole body and with focused breathing help increase your natural energy. It is best to start with a small football or un-weighted ball to become used to the movements and then buy a training ball online, women usually 1– 2 kilos, men 3-5 kilos. Shifu liu is using a bowling ball for his practice.

It is suitable to everyone.

Chen Taijiquan 19 Form Online Workshop with Shifu Liu

Taught by Shifu Liu, this form was created by Chen Xiao Wang in response to demand from students for a short routine suitable for beginners.

The 19 Chen Taijiquan routine is composed of 19 movements, divided into four sections. The simplicity of the form’s choreography makes it easy to learn for new students, yet offers the experienced practitioner room to express and develop the basic principles, energies and techniques of the style.

This is the second workshop for the 19 Part Form to be given by Tai Ji Circle this year, for those who have done it before it is an opportunity to revise and increase understanding of the movements and requirements, or to learn from scratch by following Shifu’s movements.

As this is an online workshop there will be regular refreshment breaks and opportunities for discussion and Q&A with Shifu Liu.

Any queries please email Chris at Tai Ji Circle.

16.01.2021: Chen Foundation Online Workshop

Foundation Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi) for all levels in an online London workshop with Shifu Liu Quanjun

Discover the roots of Tai Chi (taiji) with Tai Ji Circle’s workshop and try the traditional form of Chen Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) with renowned London Chen-style master Liu Quanjun. Learn how to relax and benefit health through practical Foundation training that both relaxes the mind and body and improves strength, balance and coordination. Also gain a better understanding of the history, theory and philosophy that underpins the Chen style.

There will be rest breaks and Q&A opportunities throughout the session

Da Bei Qi Gong New Year 2021 Online Seminar

Focus on your own health and well being for 2021, in Shifu Liu’s workshop on the special meditative Buddhist practice of Da Bei Qi Gong

Join Shifu Liu in this live online workshop and learn more about qi gong practice and theory and what it is for and how it can help you. The meditative focus with Da Bei Qi Gong is on the movements, respiration, mind and will, so that the qi (energy) circulates smoothly during the practice. After the main practice Shifu will teach the Da Bei ‘Chain of Interlocking rings’ technique known as Miao Fa, (Magic Method) and finish with healing sounds.

The body’s internal qi is the medicine for healing, and Da Bei qi gong stimulates the free flow of energy throughout the body and can be practiced for healing oneself and for building energy. Suitable for everyone, no experience needed.

There will be refreshment breaks and opportunities for Q&A at the end.

The year of 2020 comes to an end

What a year 2020 has been, a year of adaptation with the Covid-19 outbreak and Brexit to come. From March to July TJC ran our classes on Zoom and we give thanks that many students stood loyally by to support us during this time. We set up a Vimeo Channel to help our students practice, Shifu Liu taught Mon-Fri online early morning taiji/qi gong classes as well as classes on Sundays and evenings, with Online Saturday workshops and Free monthly taiji classes online.

When we could return to venue we set up online booking, wrote a risk assessment, limited our numbers, took all safety precautions whilst continuing online for those further away or shielding. It’s been amazing to welcome people from a wider circle around the globe joining us online.

Trustees and students give thanks to Shifu Liu Quanjun for his wonderful energy, sharing his skill and adapting to teaching online so brilliantly.

Despite the huge sadness and loss surrounding the global pandemic this has been a time to give thanks for the wisdom of the Chen Taijiquan practice from our Master Chen Xiaowang, to be able to share it with others and to help each of us to find patience and calm, deepen our breathing, stay healthy and be thankful to be alive.

Tai Ji Circle is now closed for the holidays. Classes will reopen online/in venue (if possible) on Sunday 10 January 2021.

Shifu Liu’s Christmas Message from the AGM

At TJC’s AGM on 12 December 2020 we looked back at the changes that had taken place during this challenging year, Shifu Liu’s message seemed particularly important, so we are sharing it with you.

This year thanks to all students attending classes this year through difficult time. Wishes everyone a happy holiday season and Christmas. Reflection on 2020 is good, but consider work for next year and how to prepare. Many middle aged [people] or over 50 should consider that we should live every day as very precious. Have happiness and be fulfilled, build strong and healthy body most important. Build Nei gong, inner strength and build balance and coordination. This will remain for many years into the future. One key is to be happy inside, don’t keep stress and anger in your heart.

Shifu’s responsibility is to find the way to teach all students this, our responsibility is to practice well and learn ourselves. Importance of lower dantian, if full and strong advanced age will be good, that is the focus (in practice). Don’t rush or hurry, do the work each day to improve the dantian. Frustrations in class when can’t remember, don’t worry. This means our gong fu is not right there. You can improve strength and balance and co-ordination to achieve success in dantian.

Every type of Qigong can address different ill health. When practice go inside and the outside world is not important. Many people don’t build up high level as too many thoughts and don’t focus on the simple focus inside them. Goal is to live long and strong life and not waste the ability we have. Many don’t understand when we react with anger in response to anger we waste our energy. This can lead to using up your energy. If you practice for 3 months and don’t see a change in your body you should consider if you are following the teaching properly. 

Two goals of training
1. build up a strong body
2. help other people to get the same strength. Ying and Yang.
How do you measure success? if you can teach others successfully that demonstrates your success. When you help others you progress faster than when training yourself. First learn the correct way then transmit correct method to others. First you might feel teaching is difficult or if giving something away, but it is not. 

Questions for Shifu? –

  • Hard for me to calm my mind, explain more please?

Your breath is important, it comes to your dantian and it fills it up. Pay attention to this calm connection and you will calm down. I had the same experience too. 

  • Is training outside in the park which is not level ok or should I train on consistently flat surface ?

Relax and keep back straight. It doesn’t matter what is beneath your feet as long as relaxed hips and joints.

Tai ji quan, lao jia yi lu and tai ji jian (sword) important forms. Weapon training is important for development of taiji and we need to practice them all. Foundation and short form are prelude to the long forms. The practice progresses balance and movement in different situations to develop fully. The principles are the same at all stages. Schools practice their own interpretation of forms in order to develop their full understanding of the system. In beginning build up chi in body and then use it through weapons. Initially use body to move qi then later use qi to move the body. Balance ying and yang. 
Shifu Liu Quanjun

From notes taken during the meeting, thank you Matt!

TJC Celebrates Taijiquan becoming an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Tai Ji Circle students with Shifu Liu Quanjun and Chris send their congratulations for China’s Taijiquan being included in the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 15.12.2020.

With many thanks to the TJC students for helping to demonstrate whilst maintaining social distance and safety. Big thanks due to Raul Casquet for filming, editing and speedily getting the videos to us to send over to China.

TJC’s Online AGM with Free Qi Gong, Chen Taiji Practice and Party

Join us for our TJC Live Online AGM, followed by practice with Shifu Liu Quanjun and then party, music, poetry…

Reporting back to our students of the year 2020 with Shifu Liu and trustees for our live online Annual General Meeting, following that with some taiji and qi gong practice, then time to party!