Chen Tai Ji Single Sword London Workshop with Shifu Liu

The Chen sword form enables the student to understand and learn to project energy from the body to the end of the sword tip, and make play with the weapon as a continuous part of the body. Shifu Liu will work with posture correction and fajin practice, emphasis on yin yang, ’empty’ and ‘full’ aspects of movements of the form.

Shifu Liu will teach the Chen Tai Ji Quan Sword routine step by step, helping you to understand the parts of the sword used for different techniques such as chop and thrust.

Suitable for everyone with basic Chen-style and who have  learnt the Single Sabre form or have other tai chi skills.

If you are having difficulty using the ticket booking below, please go directly to this Eventbrite link, thank you, or email us to let us know.

Easter… Free Tai Ji… Classes resume

30 March to 1 April: Three-day London Easter Chen Taijiquan Seminar with Shifu Liu
Great workshops with Shifu Liu, and because of using the smaller downstairs hall on Saturday, Shifu gave us the choice of a Bagua or Xing Yi Session… Bagua won out and for many it was the first time to try out the First Bagua Routine. Shifu Liu of course came to correct posture which is opposite to the Chen with knees and feet turned inwards for most stances and sliding step-work… the afternoon Xinjia Yi Lu sessions gave plenty of opportunity to work on the more difficult spiralling movements of the routine.

Free Tai Ji in Camden Square – Saturday 7.4.18 at 12 Noon

Saturday 7 April Free Chen Tai Ji in the Park, 12.00noon to 1.15pm in Camden Square Gardens, NW1.
Join in or try out our free tai chi with Shifu Liu. Meet outside St Paul’s Church Hall, NW1 9XG at 12.00 and walk down to the park. If you are interested you can just come along or join in the MeetUp Group. The sessions give an opportunity to try out the training, so many come along for the first time.
Everyone welcome, no experience necessary. 

Sunday Classes continue on 8 April

Shifu Liu makes corrections to posture during our tai ji Foundation training. The Foundation Course continues from10.00-11.00am on Sunday. Correct posture and chansi gong practice, (silk reeling exercises), are key to successful performance of Chen tai ji routines for all levels, so don’t miss out on this essential training.

All classes start from Sunday 8 April as per the normal timetable and continue until Sunday 29 April.

Term Two begins Monday 30 April.

30 March–1 April: TJC’s Easter Chen Taijiquan London Intensive

Relax and calm down with Chen tai ji training with Shifu Liu over the Easter holidays.

30 March to 1 April 2018

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 to 17:00

Welcome to Tai Ji Circle’s Three Day Easter Tai Chi training intensive in the classic Chen style. Relax, don’t worry and enjoy!

Shifu Liu is teaching a range of Tai Ji Circle’s Chen Taijiquan Syllabus, building on the Foundation training of standing practice and silk reeling each morning, together with an accessible short hand form, the single Sabre Form and Tai Ji Ball. The morning sessions are suitable for those new to Chen style wishing to consolidate a tai ji practice, improve posture and movement under the guidance of Shifu Liu.

The afternoon sessions train the longer hand forms, both the classic Old Frame Forms and The New Frame Forms, with some Pushing Hands training on Sunday afternoon. Experience of Chen training is advisable.

Suitable and accessible for all levels of experience and students of other styles of tai chi that wish to try the original Chen style. Learn about the essence of the our training and gain corrections to posture and movement, the directions of energy flow and improve your coordination, balance and strength.

Everyone welcome.

There will be regular refreshment breaks between sessions.

Timetable below:

10:00 Meet and register
10:15-11:00 Zhaun zhang standing practice
11:00-12:00 Foundation training with warm ups, Silk Reeling (chansi gong)
12:00-13:00 Four Direction Fist Form
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-16:00 Laojia Yi Lu – Chen Old Frame
16:00-17:00 Laojia Er Lu – Chen Cannon Fist
17.00 Departure

10:00 Meet and register
10:15-11:00 Zhaun zhang standing practice
11:00-12:00 Foundation training with warm ups, stepping Silk Reeling (chansi gong)
12:00-13:00 Single Sabre Form
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-17:00 Xinjia Yi Lu – Chen New Frame
17.00 Departure

10:00 Meet and register
10:15-11:00 Zhaun zhang standing practice
11:00-12:00 Foundation training with warm ups, the complete Silk Reeling (chansi gong) practice
12:00-13:00 Chen Tai Ji Ball Form
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:00 Xinjia Er Lu – Chen New Frame
15:00-17.00 Five kinds of Push Hands training

Three Days Fee
• Early Bird Members £200 (booked by 23 March)
• Members £210.00 (3 days)
• Non-Members £240.00 (3 days)
One day Fee
• TJC Members: £70 (1 day)
• Non Members: £85 (1 day)
Half Day Fee 
• TJC Members: £40
• Non Members: £60

Drop-in payment by cash or cheque only.

Advanced booking through Eventbrite, or by cash or cheque in class.

Once you have booked please email to notify us which mornings/days you wish to train: [email protected]

The Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG
Archway underground or Upper Holloway (Rail), walk or bus down Holloway
Rd, to Marlborough Rd and walk up, left to Hatchard Rd.

email queries: [email protected]
m: 07921765848

Easter Travel Disruption on the Northern Line

We saw today that there will be disruption on parts of the Northern Line over Easter, basically no service from Friday through to Monday. Camden Town and Archway will be closed, there will be a replacement bus service, Service B (King’s Cross to Archway – see second pic for details), but it is very inconvenient for travel to our Easter workshops, as Archway is the nearest underground station. and


Here are the posters for information.


Easter Seminar and Holiday Dates

30 March to 1 April: Three-day London Easter Chen Taijiquan Seminar with Shifu Liu
Don’t miss our exciting Chen training from the Chen Taijiquan syllabus, Foundation training in the morning, more advanced sessions and forms practice in the afternoons, an opportunity to build a solid practice and gain individual correction to your posture and movement from Shifu Liu.
Find out more


Easter holiday dates 2018 There are no regular Tai Ji Circle classes from Friday 30 March – 6 April.

Saturday 7 April Free Chen Tai Ji in the Park, 12.00noon to 1.15pm in Camden Square Gardens, NW1. Meet outside St Paul’s Church Hall, NW1 9XG at 12.00 and walk down to the park. Everyone welcome
Join our MeetUp Group

All classes start from Sunday 8 April as per the normal timetable.

Chen Taijiquan Double Sabres London workshop with Shifu Liu

Double Sabres workshop with Shifu Liu will include teaching the form step by step, with posture and movement correction.

Historically in China, before guns were available, people travelling on foot or horseback used some kind of bladed weapon such as a sabre for protection. The common soldier often carried a sabre, while the sword was more often carried by an officer or a gentleman scholor.

The Double Sabres Form demands stronger more flexible body movements than working with a single weapon, the practice of the form enhances coordination, helps increase power and strength as it requires a lot of skill to perform well.

As it is a four hour workshop, there will be refreshment breaks and the opportunity to ask questions.

Experience with Chen Taijiquan weapons is preferred as this is an advanced practice.

Workshop Fees:

Drop-in Fee: £55 Members, £70 Non-Members   (Cash or cheques only on-the-door)

Paid in advance: TJC Members: £50   Non-members: £65

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

Any queries email: [email protected]

Tai Ji Circle are members of the Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association, the BCCMA and the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

Join us for Free Tai Chi in Camden Square with Shifu Liu

Free Tai Chi In The Park

Time: 12.00 noon – 13.15pm
(on the first Saturday of the month)

Come and join us in Camden Square on Saturday afternoons, once a month, experience Chen tai chi and feel how it can help you relax your body, give you energy and benefit your health, in the fresh air and peaceful tranquility of one of London’s quiet green spaces.

We will meet up on the first Saturday of each month, for a one hour class in the traditional Chen style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) with Master Liu Quanjun, 20th-generation master of Chen Taijiquan, and Tai Ji Circle students.

Everyone welcome to come along, no experience is required. It’s best to wear warm comfortable clothing and flat training shoes.

Any queries please contact us on the link below.

Venue: Meet 12 noon at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG and walk down to Camden Square Gardens.

Nearest underground stations are Camden Town on the Northern line, or Camden Road overground, and various buses, 29 from Trafalgar Sq to Camden Road (Torriano Avenue stop by football pitch), from King’s Cross (390 to Camden Park Road) or Euston (253 from Euston station to Camden Road Torriano Avenue stop)

27 February: 7.30pm, New Chen Sword Class

We are bringing back our popular Chen Sword Form Class taught by Shifu Liu, to a regular spot on Tuesday evenings, 7.30-8.30pm at the Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, Upper Holloway, N19. The new class will start from Tuesday 27 February.

See our Chen Sword Routine workshop with Shifu Liu coming up on 21 April.

We are dropping the Tuesdays Foundation class to make room for this important Chen routine, and the 56 Competition Form will be at 6.30pm instead.

The evening will finish with Push Hands class from 8.30-9.30pm.