13 June: Chen Taiji Old Frame One, Part 2 – with Shifu Liu on Zoom

Shifu Liu will revise Laojia Yi Lu, (Old Frame) classic Chen Taijiquan – Part 2 of Shifu Liu’s live online workshops.

In this second workshop Shifu Liu will continue to teach more sections of Laojia Yi Lu (Old Frame One) routine, which is the important basic form of the Chen style taijiquan. Develop more understanding of the routine and its importance in the Chen repertoire.

There will be a refreshment break and Q&A.

Suitable for all levels with some Chen experience

Date: 13 June 2020 Time: 10:00 – 13.00 BST

Free Virtual Tai chi – on Zoom!

Free Chen Tai chi in the park on the 1st Saturday of the month has moved online instead! So everyone is now welcome to come and try out a beginners Zoom session of Chen Taiji with Yifei Gong lung strengthening exercise, with Shifu Liu on Saturday.

Please click on Register with Zoom to receive your invitation.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please sign in 10 minutes early to set up your audio and camera. We request you have your camera on during the session so Shifu Liu can check your posture and movement.
We will mute everyone’s audio during the session to avoid unwanted sounds, and put it back on for discussion and Q & A for the last 5-10 minutes of the class.

In these times of stress feel tai chi and qi gong practice can help you relax your body and mind, enhance energy and benefit your health.

See you online soon!

23 May: Part 1, Chen Taiji Old Frame One (Laojia Yi Lu) – on Zoom with Shifu Liu

Shifu Liu will revise Laojia Yi Lu, (Old Frame), the classic form of Chen Taijiquan. We will study the first sections in Part 1 of this Zoom workshop.

Laojia Yi Lu has 74 movements (so we are unable to finish the complete form) and is the basis of many other Chen style tai ji routines that have this as their underlying structure and once you remember it, you can see the references in the sequence of moves in the other Chen forms.

It is characterised as ‘Yin’ with many soft, smooth twining movements indispersed with fajing, energy releases such as a punch or kick. Laojia Yi Lu was created by Chen Changxing in the 19th C, from the original sets of tai ji originator, Chen Wanting, a general of the Ming dynasty in China. It is the oldest tai ji routine from which many modern tai ji styles originate, such as Yang and Wu styles.

There will be a refreshment break and Q&A.

Suitable for all levels with some experience

Date: 23 May 2020 Time: 10:00 – 13.00

Taiji Ball Training on Mondays

Shifu Liu is teaching Taiji Ball training online, to increase our strength and power. The class will be after the Laojia Yi Lu online class starting on 25 May, Monday evenings at 19:00.

We used a variety of weighted objects… from a water melon, definitely too heavy… to a bag of sugar. Half to one kilo is the recommended weight to begin with. Any ball will do that is about the size of a small football.

Contact Chris for further details.

9 May: Chen Taijiquan 19 Form Online Workshop with Shifu Liu

Taught by Shifu Liu, this form was created by Chen Xiao Wang in response to demand from students for a short routine suitable for beginners.

The 19 Chen Taijiquan routine is composed of 19 movements, divided into four sections. The simplicity of the form’s choreography makes it easy to learn for new students, yet offers the experienced practitioner room to express and develop the basic principles, energies and techniques of the style.

This is the second workshop for the 19 Part Form to be given by Tai Ji Circle this year, for those who have done it before it is an opportunity to revise and increase understanding of the movements and requirements, or to learn from scratch by following Shifu’s movements.

As this is an online workshop there will be regular refreshment breaks and opportunities for discussion and Q&A with Shifu Liu.

Any queries please email Chris at Tai Ji Circle.

25 April: Online Chen Tai Chi Foundation Workshop

Try the best Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi) in an online London workshop with Shifu Liu Quanjun

Discover the roots of Tai chi (taiji) with Tai Ji Circle Online Workshop and try the traditional form of Chen Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) with renowned London Chen-style master Liu Quanjun and team. Learn how to relax and benefit health through practical Foundation practice, and discover the hidden power in this authentic internal martial art, and gain understanding of theories and philosophies that underpin the Chen style.

There will be rest breaks and Q&A sessions

25 April: World Tai Chi Day Online Chen Foundation Workshop

Instead of meeting up outside for training on World Tai Chi Day, we are taking our practice online with Zoom with Tai Ji Circle’s Online Foundation workshop. So come and try the traditional form of Chen Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) with Shifu Liu Quanjun.

Relax and benefit health through practical Foundation training that both relaxes the mind and body and improves strength, balance and coordination. 
With refreshments breaks and Q&A.
Suitable for all levels and new students.

Sign up through Eventbrite

Da Bei Qi Gong, an Online Easter Monday Workshop for Health and Well Being

Focus on health and well being, in Shifu Liu’s online workshop on the special meditative Buddhist practice of Da Bei Qi Gong

Join Shifu Liu in this Zoom online workshop and learn all about qi gong practice and theory and what it is for and how it can help you. The meditative focus with Da Bei q gong is on the movements, respiration, mind and will, so that the qi (energy) circulates smoothly during the practice.

The body’s internal qi is the medicine for healing, and Da Bei qi gong stimulates the free flow of energy throughout the body and can be practiced for healing oneself or for building energy. Suitable for everyone, no experience needed.

There will be refreshment breaks and opportunities for Q&A at the end.

4 April: Chen Taijiquan Cannon Fist Workshop – POSTPONED

Shifu Liu will take an in depth look at Loajia Er Lu, the Second Old Frame, known as the Cannon Fist of Chen style Taijiquan. It has 45 movements, and is the dynamic counterpart to Laojia Yi Lu (Old Frame 1), the Yang to the Yin and the two forms practised together harmonise the body’s Yin and Yang.

Cannon Fist is a vigorous routine suitable for those with Chen style experience

Workshop Costs:
Drop-in Fee: £55 Members £70 Non-members (cash or cheque only)
Paid in advance: £50 Members £65 Non-members, on Eventbrite

Email: [email protected]


Our test run before the lockdown.

Now at the end of March we are all in the UK and many other countries following government advice to stay safe and well at home, which can be isolating for us all.

At Tai Ji Circle we are moving all our classes online until further notice. Now we have set up our Zoom Taiji Classes and they are working well. We of course miss Shifu Liu’s precise adjustments to posture in a real class, but at least this way we can gather together, follow his movements, discuss any questions and practice together in our own homes.

We have shared our link on information about Yifei Gong, created by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang to practice at home and support and strengthen our immune system and help lung health. 

We recommend that everyone follows the government and NHS guidelines, and contact 111 by phone or online or contact their doctor if they are ill.
• the vulnerable and over 70’s remain safe at home, washing the hands if entering or leaving home, and 
• self-isolation for 7-14 days if you or anyone in your family is ill.

Here are some of the web links for checking full government and NHS guidelines. It is however very important to keep exercising safely for health and well being.



Camden Age UK have also set up a number of activities and services for people aged over 55 who are unwell, self-isolating or struggling to get out that you can take part in from home. They are offering an assisted online shopping service, live streaming music recitals every day, an online book club and a telephone befriending service. Visit www.ageukcamden.org.uk or call 020 7239 0400 to find out more about what they have on offer for Camden residents.