NEWS 2017

29 May: Dr in The House Episode 3 on BBC1

Shifu Liu features briefly teaching Tai Ji to help relieve stress for one of the programmes participants. Great programme, thoughtful Dr Rangan Chatterjee has a holistic approach to helping people through changing diet, activities and lifestyle.

The full episode can be seen on BBC iPlayer (Shifu Liu is on about 31.06 minutes in) and also appears on the BBC News website in a photo with their article about about back pain and health:

27-28 May:  Shifu Liu teaches Belfast Seminar

Grandmaster Zhu Changhai and the Irish Wushu Association invited Shifu Liu to gave a qi gong seminar in Belfast. It was lovely to reconnect with friends we met last year at the Duan Wei gradings, such kindness and generous hospitality. Spread over two days the workshop focused on Da Bei Qi Gong, a quiet meditative practice with the intention of generating the internal movement of energy for healing. A big thank you to our hosts Grandmaster Zhu, the Members of IWA, Yun Long for his translation skills, and the four TJC students, who came over to Belfast to join us.

16 May: Shifu Liu and ‘Dr In The House’ on BBC1

Blink and you’d have missed it… Shifu Liu makes a brief appearance in the opening credits of BBC’s ‘Dr in the House’ last night

9 May: Master Chen Ziqiang signs contract

What an honour for us… Master Chen signs the contract that authorises Shifu Liu and Tai Ji Circle to became the official representatives in London of the Chenjiagou Chen Taijiquan Association and Chenjiagou Taijiquan School, the home of Chen Taijiquan in China.


9 May:  Master Chen Ziqiang  – Push Hands

Master Chen Ziqiang’s second seminar on 9 May was Tui Shou Chen-style Push Hands practice, which is his specialism, and for which he is renowned worldwide. Pushing hands works to undo a person’s natural instinct to resist force with force, teaching the body to yield to force and redirect it. We had a wonderful two days of training and are very grateful to Master Chen for giving us his time and energy.

8 May:  Master Chen Ziqiang  – Chen Taiji Ball

We were so happy and honoured to welcome Master Chen Ziqiang to London for two great evening workshops. The first was Chen Taiji Ball training, which is a method to increase strength and power training in traditional Chen Taijiquan. We practiced the movements using small rubber basketballs to become familiar with the coordination of the movements. A weighted ball can be used for practice in the style’s classic spiralling, twining movements, which over time helps to train the ‘dantian’ in leading body movement. Thanks to Calvin for translating for Master Chen, and everyone for attending.

29 April:  TJC’s 2017 World Tai Ji Day in London

We had a great morning for World Tai Ji Day, gathering in Camden Square gardens at 10am local time on the last Saturday of April. It was fun to imagine that elsewhere many others were also gathering to practice their art around the world. After introductions Shifu Liu took us through his warm up and some standing posture practice and correction. After a demonstration of the beginning of Xinjia Er Lu to show the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ aspects of Chen style, he then lead us through silk reeling and a section of form, using ‘fajin’ to demonstrate the power of the martial aspect of the movements.

Huge thanks to everyone who came and freely contributed, Shifu Liu who taught and TJC students who came to help us for a wonderful celebration of Chen Taijiquan, and not forgetting Camden Council who waived the expensive ‘Event’ fee that would have prevented us from holding the session in Camden Square.
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14-15 April:  Tai Ji Circle’s Easter Retreat with Shifu Liu

Our Easter Retreat was nearly a no-go event as the London Irish Centre where we had booked since February had forgotten our booking, we were saved by Stephen at the Islington Chinese Association who gave permission for us to use their lovely hall instead, what a huge relief it was available! So after warm ups and silk reeling in Camden Square Gardens we trooped off to Holloway and the welcoming warmth of the ICA premises. We studied Laojia Yi Lu the classic Chen Tai JI long form, with students following and watching movements of Shifu Liu, on day two we started with the meditative qi gong practice to give us energy and continued on through the routine. 

Finishing with pick-a-posture from the form, for Shifu Liu to adjust and several students also got lucky and had a relaxing Tui Na Massage with Shifu Liu, who is also a specialist in Chinese Massage Therapy. Great weekend of training and thanks all around for those who came from near and far, and Shifu for teaching us.

1 April: TJC’s Free tai chi class in the park

Free Saturday Chen Taiji in Camden Square today in the sunshine, large and small circles of Chansi gong, silk reeling exercises… come and try it, 12.00-13.30  every 1st Saturday of the month, next one is 4 June, Camden Square Gardens NW1.

11 March Chen 56 Competition Form Workshop

Great workshop with Shifu Liu working through the complexities of the specially formulated 56 movement Chen routine to show the Chen style taijiquan characteristics in the setting of a competition.

5 February Shifu Liu gives a Chen Tai Ji Demonstration for the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shifu Liu demonstrates Sifang Quan, his Chen Four Direction Fist Form at the ATCM Association’s 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration in London. This short routine practiced in both directions is well balanced, good for beginners to learn, is calming and a tai ji qi gong therapy for health and well-being.

4 February Chinese New Year at the Islington Chinese Association in London
Tai Ji Circle students demonstrate on stage the important silk reeling Foundation training of the Chen style.

Tai Ji Circle Chen Taijiquan demonstrations and practice session at the Islington Chinese Association, a lovely celebration and collaboration for us to be part of the ICA’s Fire Rooster party and celebrations. As always we are very grateful, and huge thanks go to our students who supported us, coming from far and wide across London to participate.

After demonstrations by the Tai Ji Circle students, Shifu Liu performs on stage and then gives everyone the opportunity of trying out Chen Taijiqiuan.



Learn Chen Taijiquan in London with Shifu Liu Quanjun