Master Chen Ziqiang in London 2019

Chen Taijiquan Seminars

8-14 April 2019


Catch this rare opportunity to train with Shifu Chen Ziqiang on his only visit to the UK in 2019, where he will conduct a series of exciting seminars with Shifu Liu Quanjun in: Chen Silk Reeling (Chen Foundation training), Dajia Yi Lu (Chen village beginners form), Taiji Ball, Double Swords and Tui Shou, Push Hands training.

The son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, Master Chen Ziqiang is a 20th generation direct descendant of the Chen Family Taijiquan, the Chief Coach of the prestigious Chenjiagou Taijiquan School, a renowned teacher and tai ji champion in China and worldwide.

All taijiquan practitioners are very welcome to attend!

Itinerary for Chen Ziqiang’s London Seminars

8 April:  Foundation Silk Reeling   18:30 – 21:30 All levels
9 April:  Dajia Yi Lu Form    18:30 – 21:30 All levels

Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG
Archway Underground (High Barnet branch of the Northern Line), Upper Holloway overground

11 April: Taiji Ball Form     18:30 – 21:30 All levels
St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG
Camden Town Underground, 253 or 29 Bus to Torriano Avene stop (from Camden tube)

12 April: Double Swords Form   15:00 – 20:30 (break 18:00-18:30)
13 April: Double Swords Form   10:00 – 17:00 (lunch 12:30-13:30)
14 April: Push Hands & Applications   10:00 – 17:30 (lunch 12:00-14:00)
(note: unavoidable 2 hour break on Sunday)     All levels
Sports Hall, Haverstock School
24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London NW3 2BQ
Chalk Farm Underground (Edgware branch of the Northern Line)

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time to enroll.

If you would like to attend the seminars, please download the pdf Chen Ziqiang 2019 Booking and Release Form link, fill in all your details and return to Tai Ji Circle as requested. Thank you.

Chen Ziqiang 2019 Booking and Release Form pdf document. Please retain pages 1-2 for your information, and return pages 3-4 to Tai Ji Circle.

If you have any queries please get in touch by email.
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Booking the seminars

We have two online payment options available; reduced Early Bird fees payable until  17 March, after that online payment will only be available until 5 April. After these dates cash payment only.

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Booking Deposit (for cash fees)

Paying by Cash at the Seminars
Please reserve your place by purchasing a non-refundable deposit ticket, either online or in class. Please use the Payment Booking Form (Chen Ziqiang 2019 Booking and Release Form pdf) to email or post us, indicating which seminars are you attending. Email Us

Non-refundable Cash Fee Deposit

All seminars with Master Chen include vigorous warm-up exercises to prepare the body for training. Silk Reeling and Dajia Yi Lu and Chen Ball and Push Hands are all suitable for students with less experience. For the Double Swords some weapons experience is useful.


Foundation Silk Reeling and Standing Practice

Silk Reeling exercises (Chansi Gong) the essential foundation practice to improve posture and movement in longer routines They are aimed at regulating the whole body into a relaxed, comfortable and natural state, through rhythmical relaxation of all the parts of the body.


Dajia Yi Lu 
Dajia First Routine is a simplified routine based on a combination of several traditional Chen routines. The form is mostly practiced to cultivate and replenish qi, so as to improve physical constitution and to promote health. This routine uses mind to direct qi and qi to shape the form, resulting in form and breathing in harmony. It is easy to learn, and suitable for all ages to practice. This is also known as Chen-style Taiji Health Routine.


Chen-style Tai Ji Ball Form
Aim to keep the ball moving all the time, the way the ball moves reflects your body movement. Use silk reeling/Chansi Gong techniques when practicing the routine. When accustomed to the routine you can use a weighted ball with weight up to one kilo.
Please bring your own taiji ball if possible.


Chen Double Swords
A powerful weapon form containing many techniques. Each attack and defence should be executed with speed and force.
• As the Double Swords will be new to Tai Ji Circle students, Shifu Liu will be starting a Double Swords class in the future, to continue our training and improvements of the form.
If you require us to supply double swords, either to buy or borrow, please email to inform us as soon as possible.


Tui Shou, Push Hands and Martial Applications
The practice of Tui Shou (Push hands) is the application of different forms with a partner under different conditions. The aim is to understand the other person’s internal qi (energy), how it moves, their balance and coordination, constantly restructuring your own balance and coordination accordingly. It is a preparation for martial applications and techniques by improving reactions to attack.