Induction for new students

Welcome to Tai Ji Circle’s courses and classes

Membership or Non-Membership Forms
All new students are required to fill out a Non-Membership form (unless becoming a member) with their details and sign the release before they begin class.

Class Register
Please sign the register when you first arrive at class and make the payment if you don’t have a pass. If you are in doubt about what to do please ask Chris, or another student for help.

Class Passes
If you enrol for our Foundation course or classes and you buy a pass, you will see that it shows you how many classes you have per week per term. If you tick off your pass each time you attend class, you will have a record of your attendance and if you have any classes still owing.

Once you have paid for your class pass you should find your name on the register in aphabetical order under your first name. Please then tick off under the appropriate day/class alongside your name.

Drop-in Students
If you are a drop-in student with no pass, then please sign the register underneath the names at the end and pay the appropriate fee (cash only or cheque over £20) into the bag on the table:
Non-member: £15.00
Non-member Concession: £8.50
Member: £12.00
Member Concession: £8.00

If you plan to come along regularly we will add your name into the register alphabetically under your first name.

There is a kitchen at St Paul’s venue where it is easy to make a hot drink and warm food in the microwave if you find yourself there for several hours on a Sunday or Thursday evening.

Qi Gong Classes
We ask especially that you don’t enter the room once a Qi Gong class has begin, until it has finished, as it is very disturbing to have interuption and external noise during the class.

Class Rules
• We would expect that all our students would treat each other and the teachers with friendliness, respect and politeness at all times.
• Please arrive on time for class to sign the register
• If you come early into a tai chi class, please sign the register and wait quietly, stretching or doing standing practice, but please do not talk loudly to others.
• Before or after classes, please do not practice or show other types of martial art as this indicates lack of respect for Shifu Liu.
• If you are working with a partner in Push Hands or Applications please be extremely careful and do not cause any injury or bruising to your partner, and ONLY practice techniques that Shifu Liu is teaching
• At the end of class please bow to the teacher to show respect and thanks

“Push hands is like practicing form with a partner, the purpose is to correct body structure and discover body mechanism, not to win the game. If we start to use force just to win the game, we can only make it worse for our practice.”
Chen Xiao Wang

Chen Taijiquan’s Code of Conduct

Clothes and shoes
Shifu Liu asks that all students come to class wearing tai chi clothes or comfortable loose clothes, with layers to remove if you get hot, and a clean ‘t’ shirt if you do gong fu and sweat a lot. Flat, soft shoes are most comfortable, they should not be worn outside, to keep the floor clean. Tight leggings/jeans maybe ok for yoga but are inappropriate for tai ji practice, as it is important for the air to circulate and enable the skin’s pores to open and breathe and for the body to relax correctly. In the winter months the halls may be chilly so come prepared with extra layers.