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We can no longer accept cash or drop-ins at our venues, and as numbers are limited all classes must be pre-booked and paid through our Bookwhen site (timetable, booking and payments). Masks may be worn in class as Covid-19 is still with us, but are not compulsory, please respect others choices and maintain a safe distance when training. Thank you.

Please book and pay for all your weekly Tai Ji Circle classes with Shifu Liu and Chris on Bookwhen, with an online or in-venue option, as a TJC member or non-member.

Annual TJC Membership is £100 for new students for the training year (January to December), and £70 for Renewal, also partial year membership is available. With TJC Membership you save cost on class fees and workshops.

On the Bookwhen Schedule timetable classes are listed as ‘In Venue’ or ‘Online’ please select accordingly. Book a Single Class or buy a Class Pass to save on fees.

Class Passes (8, 15 or 30 credits) you can book in all the classes you may want to take, or just a few at a time, and the system will know when you have used them up on your pass automatically. If you cannot make a class you can transfer it to another time or date, beforehand. If you wish to do classes ‘Online’ and ‘In Venue’ it is best to buy two different passes for each option as the passes are not interchangeable.

Please set up a Bookwhen account with an email and password, so that you can sign-in later to see all your bookings, classes and payments. Your email address is used to identify you when booking with a pass or class. An email reminder is sent out before your classes after payment, with the online Zoom link. With Online Class booking, click on the class online link to add it to your calendar. (Please email Chris if any problems)

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Ticket fees for ‘In Venue’ or ‘Online’ classes are listed by Member or Non-Member.
• All ticket/pass payments can be paid by credit card on Bookwhen.
• There are two free daytime online Community Taiji classes with Chris,
• NHS workers and carers can also attend at the Members rate.
• Overseas concessionary online students can also have a discount and book paying the Members fee.

Bookwhen Book & Pay System: First click/highlight the class you want to attend and then you will see the class details and price options, click on the Single payment option or Passes to select credits for cheaper class fees.
When buying a Pass you must book one class at the same time.

Chen Taiji Beginner students who wish to pay for the Foundation Classes should buy the NEW discounted 8 class non-members Beginners pass, and email Chris your intended start date. Those valid for a concessionary rate can buy their class/pass at the Members rate (see the Beginners Class page for all details). Online links are sent out with Bookwhen booking.

Below is a full guide for TJC students using Bookwhen system for the first time and any queries you may have.

Below is an indication of our class timetable, to book the first time it might be easier to use the main TJC Bookwhen booking and payment site and to set up your account:

Book online

When you have an account you can log-in with your email below to book more classes.

The time zone is London UK BST, and payment in GB pounds.

Booking guide to follow:-
Please note that class tickets or class pass bookings can ONLY be transferred BEFORE the class takes place.

If you had a previous TJC Members Subscription for Online classes in 2020 and wish to unsubscribe please click on the button below.


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If you have any problems please email us.

In-Venue & Online

Evenings: Islington Chinese Association + Online Zoom 
18:30-19:30    Tai Ji 2: Chen Laojia Yi Lu
19:30-20:30    Tai Ji 3: Cannon Fist Laojia Er Lu

11:00-12:00    Tai Ji Community Class – with Chris at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square and Online Zoom
Evenings: Islington Chinese Association + Online Zoom 
18:30-19:30    Tai Ji 2: Chen Fan Form (Form)
19:30-20:30    Tai Ji 3: Xinjia Yi Lu (New Frame 1 Form)

07:30-08:30    Early Morning Practice – Online Zoom 

Evenings: St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square + Online Zoom
18:30-19:30    Tai Ji: Chen Foundation Class
19:30-20:30    NEW Tai Ji 3: Chen Single Sword Form

07:30-08:30    Early Morning Practice – Online Zoom

1st Saturday of the Month –  Currently Online Zoom
11:30 – 12:30  FREE Virtual Tai Chi Class with Shifu Liu – see Virtual Chen

Saturday Workshops 
St Paul’s Church, Camden Square + Online Zoom
13:00 – 16:00  Chen Tai Ji Workshops – see website Events

At Islington Chinese Association + Online Zoom
10:00-11:00    Tai Ji: Chen Foundation Class
11:00-12:00    Tai Ji 1: Chen 19 Part Form – general 
12:00-13:00    Tai Ji 3: Chen Laojia Yi Lu Form

Class levels
• Foundation Chen is suitable for new students to taiji and all levels for essential technique practice and correction
• Chen 19 Form is suitable for students progressing from Foundation (3-6 months)
• Laojia Yi Lu (classic Old Frame 1 Form) practice with thorough understanding of Foundation training and knowledge of the 19 Form
• Laojia Er Lu (classic Old Frame 2 Form) knowledge and understanding of previous levels
• Chen Sword, Chen Fan and weapons, good hand forms practice is required
• Xinjia Yi Lu and Er Lu (Chen New Frame Form 1 and 2) are advanced routines (Xinjia Er Lu currently no class)
• Taiji Ball strength training is open to all levels (currently no class)