Tai Chi Beginners

New Foundation Tai Ji (tai chi) Courses 2019

Discover the roots of Tai chi with Tai Ji Circle and try the traditional form of Chen Taijiquan (tai chi) with renowned London Chen-style master Liu Quanjun and team. Learn how to relax and benefit health through our practical Foundation Courses, and discover the hidden power in this authentic internal martial art, and understand underlying theories and philosophies that underpin the Chen style.

Next Course Class Start Date:  8 September 2019 
Sundays 10:00-11:00/Thursdays 18:30-19:30

Each new Beginners’ Foundation Course offers eight classes taught by Shifu Liu with Chris and Darrell, and require you to attend two classes a week for four weeks on Sundays and Thursdays. This will help new students have time to assimilate the training. The course will begin with the fundamentals and progress each week building firm foundation techniques. If you are unable to attend twice a week you can use the 8-class pass to attend other Foundation classes within the term.

Whether you are new to Taijiquan or more experienced, practicing the foundation training is necessary to build strength, calmness, to gain full energy, which is essential for more advanced practice. Our courses are recommended for all students to gain a grasp of the essential requirements of the Chen style.

Everyone welcome, no previous experience is required.

If you have health issues please let us know and have permission from your doctor before joining our classes.

Those TJC members with with previous experience are welcome to join in the Foundation Course classes and use their regular class passes as before.

Our Chen Tai ji Foundation course includes:-
• Nei Gong, internal practice
• Jiben Gong, warm ups and silk reeling exercises
• Understanding tai ji movement principles and the role of the dantian (energy centre) and kua (groin),
• Training for health benefits, agility and better balance

Objectives of the Foundation Chen Taijiquan Course
• Release and learn to soften and relax tension, using your natural breath
• Learn the basic stances and hand positions of the Chen style
• Gain better alignment, balance and coordination
• Standing practice and posture correction for improved alignment and strength
• Understand Silk Reeling exercises, to gain control of balance and weight changing, and to circulate energy throughout the body
• Use of yin yang theory in Tai ji practice
• Understand some of the basic theories and philosophies underlying Chen Taijiquan
• Understand how the martial applications are within apparently simple movements even at the Foundation level.

To help your practice you will receive:-
• Notes with a brief history/principles of Chen style taijiquan with a glossary of terminology
• Detailed posture correction from Shifu Liu, Chris or Darrell
• Lesson Plan for self-practice at home

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See Shifu Liu teaching in this clip from BBC’s Dr In The House Programme shown in 2017