Calendar 2018

Chen Taijiquan London Calendar 2018

All tai ji (tai chi) workshops held are in the Chen-style Taijiquan, from beginners to advanced levels. All Tai Ji in the Park classes are free and suitable for new beginners to try out tai ji training. Foundation and the 19 Form workshops are suitable for those with no or little experience.

TERM ONE: 8 January to 29 April

Half Term 28 February
Free Tai Ji in the Park
3 February
3 March
7 April
13 January: Chen Foundation Training workshop
27 January: 19 Form
3 February: Chen Tai Ji Ball and Single Sabre
17 February: Laojia Er Lu, Cannon Fist
3 March: Double Sabres
30 March – 1 April: 3-day Easter workshop – Foundation, Laojia Yi Lu (Chen Long Form), Qi Gong and more (to be held at the Islington Chinese Association, N7)
21 April: Tai Ji Jian (Chen Sword Form)

TERM TWO: 30 April to 26 July & 19 August to 2 September

Half Term 20 June
Free Tai Ji in the Park
5 May
2 June
7 July
1 September
5 + 26 May: Xinjia Yi Lu, New Frame Form
14-16 May: Chen Ziqiang London Afternoon Evening Workshops (not to be missed visit from top Chen family master)
2 June: Chen Foundation Training Workshop
23 June/7 July: Xinjia Er Lu, New Frame Cannon Fist
21 July: 56 Competition Form (Camden Summer Festival?)
26 July to 16 August: China trip – Chen Village Competition and training
1 September: Chen Foundation Training workshop

TERM THREE: 3 September to 16 December

Half Term 24 October
Free Tai Ji in the Park
6 October
3 November
1 December(?)
22 September/6 October: Laojia Yi Lu, Old Frame Form
20 October/3 November: Laojia Er Lu, Cannon Fist
17 November/1 December: Xinjia Yi Lu, New Frame Form
9 December: Sunday Assessments
15 December: AGM, Performances – Party
16 December: Last Classes of 2018
Free Tai Chi in the Park on 1st Saturday of the month, 12:00-13:15pm. Venue is Camden Square, meeting  at St Paul’s Church (Camden Square, NW1 9XG)

London Chen Tai Ji (Chi) Foundation Workshops 2017

13 January, 2 June & 1 September
All Foundation workshops will be suitable for NEW students to tai ji as well as those with more experience and each will focus and build on a particular aspect of Foundation Chen Style training and individual adjustment, to build a thorough basis for your practice throughout the year.
Workshop Details 
Four hour workshops have refreshment breaks
Times: 13:30-17:30
Saturday Venue: St Paul’s Church, Camden Square, NW1 9XG,
The 3 day Easter workshop will held be at the Islington Chinese Association.
Workshop Fees
Drop-in Fee: £55 Members, £70 Non-members
Paid in advance: £50 Members, £65 Non-members
Workshops are available to book in advance online, by cheque or cash in class and on Eventbrite, see ‘Events’ for details.

If you wish to sign up for a Foundation workshop and Foundation Course in the same term, we will give non-members the workshop at the member’s price.

Shifu Liu’s workshops are for students of all levels, from new students learning the movements, to those more advanced. Shifu Liu will introduce the workshops with Foundation training appropriate to the routine to be studied. Students receive individual posture correction and insights into the deeper workings of Chen taijiquan,  from energy, philosophy and theories, to techniques and martial applications at the appropriate level for each workshop.