Calendar 2017

Chen Taijiquan London Calendar 2017

TJC Terms
Term 1: Sunday 8 January to Sunday 23 April
Easter Holiday 16-17 April – no classes
Term 2: Monday 24 April to Sunday 13 August
Bank Holiday 28-29 May – no classes
Southern Bohemia – Czech Republic for a week – cancelled
Summer Holiday 13 Aug to 3 September – no classes
Term 3: 4 September to Sunday 17 December

Changes from 4 September:
1st Saturday of the month:-
1)  Free Tai Chi from 12.00 to 1.15pm in Camden Square Gardens (not on the 6 May)

2)  1.30am to 4.30pm Tai Ji Ball & Weapons classes at St Paul’s Church Hall, NW1 9XG
• 11 September: Sunday Classes at the Islington Chinese Association 9:00-13:00pm (Venue change)
TJC Workshop times 1.00-6.00pm

TJC London Saturday Workshops, Classes, & Events

Term One: 8 January to 23 April
7 January            Welcome back Saturday Workshop and ice-breaker
28 Jan                   Foundation Chen
4 Feb             Chinese New Year Demo at ICA
18 Feb                 19 Form Workshop

Changes from 4 March – listed below are all the dates for:
1st Saturdays of the month for Free Tai Ji with Shifu Liu and the Saturday Weapons and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes, and
all the Chen Tai Ji Workshops.

4 March       Free tai chi in Park 12.00-1.15pm
                            1.30-5.30pm Sword and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes
9 March      No Thursday evening classes
11 March         Chen 56 Competition Form
25 March         Xinjia Yi Lu – Chen New Frame 1
1 April         Free tai chi in Park 12.00-1.15pm
                               1.30-5.30pm: Sword and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes
14-15 April 2-day Easter Chen Taijiquan seminar.
16-17 April Sun-Mon no classes
29 April         World Tai Ji Day: Free tai chi in Park 10.00-12.30pm

Term Two: 24 April (Monday) to 10 August (Thursday)
6 May              1.30-5.30pm Sword and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes (No free tai ji in the park)
8-10 May    Chen Ziqiang in London: Tai Ji Ball/Push Hands evening workshops
20 May                  Foundation Chen Taijiquan
3 June         Free tai chi in Park 12.00-1.15pm
                                  1.30-5.30pm Taiji Ball, Sword and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes
24 June                  Laojia Er Lu – Cannon Fist Routine
1 July             Free tai chi in Park 12.00-1.15pm
                                  1.30-5.30pm Taiji Ball, Sword and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes
15/16 July: Camden Square Neighbourhood Summer Festival and
16 July 2.00pm: TJC demonstration with Shifu Liu in St Paul’s Church Hall
22 July                 Chen Taijiquan San Shou Applications
5 August     Free tai chi in Park 12.00-1.15pm
                                  1.30-5.30pm Taiji Ball, Sword and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes
12 August          10:00-17.00 Qi Gong Seminar – Da Bei 

13 August to 3 September: Summer Break

2 Sept         No Free tai chi in Park
                        No Sword and Xinjia Yi Lu Classes

Term Three: 4 September to 17 December – Saturday workshops
2 Sept                   Welcome Back Chen Style Practice 1.00–4.00pm
16 Sept                Push Hands
7 Oct           Free tai chi in Park 12.00-1.15pm
                                  1.30-4.30pm Taiji Ball, Sword and sabres Classes
14 Oct                  Laojia Yi Lu
28 Oct                  Foundation Chen Taijiquan
4 Nov           Free tai chi in Park 12.00-1.15pm – last of 2017
                                 1.30-4.30pm Taiji Ball, Sword and sabres Classes
11 Nov                Da Bei Qi Gong Workshop – NEW
18 Nov                 Xinjia Er Lu – Chen New Frame Form 2
2 Dec                   Push Hands – Workshop with Zhu Changhai  (visiting Grand Master from Northern Ireland Wushu Association)

9 Dec                   Elite Wushu performances – see posts
10 Dec                Chen Assessments (2:00-4:00 at St Paul’s Hall)
16 Dec                AGM 2.00-3.00/ Tai Ji Demos/Party 3.00-6.00pm
17 Dec                Sunday classes – year end

Free Tai Chi in the Park on 1st Saturday of the month, 12.00-1.15pm. Venue is Camden Square, meeting at 12 noon outside St Paul’s Church (Camden Square, NW1 9XG) and walk down to Camden Square Gardens. Although these classes are freely provided, we ask for a voluntary donation of £5.00 to help our running costs. These will start again in February 2018.

Workshop Details (Five hour workshops with refreshment breaks)
Times: 13.00-18.00
Venue: St Paul’s Church, Camden Square, NW1 9XG

Workshop Fees (Five hour workshops)
Drop-in Fee: £55 Members, £70 Non-members
Paid in advance: £50 Members, £65 Non-members

Most workshops are available to book on Eventbrite, see Events for details closer to their dates.

For queries email: [email protected]

2017 London Tai Chi Beginners Foundation Workshop dates
28 January        Chen Tai Chi Foundation
20 May                Chen Tai Chi Foundation
28 October       ChenTai Chi Foundation

All Foundation workshops will be suitable for new students to tai chi and each will focus and build on a particular aspect of Foundation Chen Style training to build a thorough basis for your practice throughout the year.

If you wish to sign up for a Foundation workshop and Foundation Course in the same term, we will give non-members the workshop at the member’s price.

Shifu Liu’s workshops are for students of all levels, from new students learning the movements, to those more advanced. Shifu Liu will introduce the workshops with Foundation training appropriate to the routine to be studied. Students receive individual posture correction and insights into the deeper workings of Chen taijiquan,  from energy, philosophy and theories, to techniques and martial applications at the appropriate level for each workshop.

Learn Chen Taijiquan in London with Shifu Liu Quanjun