Face to Face with Zoom test class

Thursday 23 July we tried a test class for our students, with Face to Face at St Paul’s and on Zoom, it was a class of Foundation training and the Chen Long Form, Laojia Yi Lu. We had eight people including Shifu and Chris at the hall, and we all kept safe distances and followed safety procedures. Everyone enjoyed it very much and the people on Zoom liked seeing the class too when Shifu switched the iPad around.

However the incidence of Covid-19 is now rising again in London and Shifu Liu does not wish to take any risks with our health and safety and so sadly we will not have any more FtF classes until the incidence rate decreases again. We will continue on Zoom as with our online timetable and another workshop.

Shifu Liu leads, back view is the easiest way for everyone in class and on Zoom to follow the movements of the form.
Shifu Liu chats to students on Zoom after class.

Face to Face Taiji and Zoom

Moving forward we are currently testing out having a combination Face to Face (FtF) classes with live Zoom Online. Our Zoom students can the also join us if unable to come to the venue. These classes with Shifu Liu will be at St Paul’s Church Hall in Camden Square. Our expenses will rise so we will need to charge FtF classes the regular drop-in per hourly class fee. Those paying the Online weekly and monthly subscription fees do not need to pay more to attend on Zoom.

We hope to provide two FtF Chen taiji classes with Zoom, on Thursday evenings from 30 July. They will follow the current online timetable. We will follow all Government safety guidelines and have a risk assessment document in place.

No-one will be admitted to class if they have not notified Chris by email to book their place as numbers are restricted and social distancing rules apply.
• Please wear a face covering or mask when arriving and passing through the communal areas to the hall. It is up to you if you wear it during class.

Thursday Classes FTF and Zoom 
at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, NW1 9XG
18:00-19:00 Foundation Chen as part of the Course
19:00–20:00 Loajia Yi Lu, Chen Old Frame

See more details on the Face to Face page.

9 July Beginners Foundation Course

Beginners Course Term Two Online

We are hope that you can join us and start this course online on Thursday 9 July, and if possible we will progress towards holding the last few classes at our St Paul’s venue in August.

Foundation Course Dates9 July to 2 August
9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 29 July; 2 August

Thursdays 18:00–19:00
Sundays 10:00–11:00

During these course dates if you are available it is possible to also join Chris’s weekly live online Foundation classes at 11:00-12:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Please connect with the Beginners Course Payment Page and scroll down to select from the Full or Concessionary payment options offered on the drop-down menu for the courses and we will send you the links to join Zoom classes.

Shifu Liu in his London Clinic teaching during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Tai Ji Circle on Vimeo and Youtube

We have recently been recording some of Shifu Liu’s live online classes and workshops to help Tai Ji Circle Members and students studying the forms online with Shifu Liu, these are on Vimeo in private showcases to share with our members for study. Shifu Liu recorded in his local park, the 9 Step Form of GM Chen Xiaowang for beginners to reference.

Chris also posted a full live Community Foundation online class, which is available for those who have difficulty accessing Zoom live, so that they can practice when they have time. See Foundation Online with Chris

See the Youtube and Vimeo channel video links. We hope you find them useful.

Taiji Ball Training on Mondays

Shifu Liu is teaching Taiji Ball training online, to increase our strength and power. The class will be after the Laojia Yi Lu online class starting on 25 May, Monday evenings at 19:00.

We used a variety of weighted objects… from a water melon, definitely too heavy… to a bag of sugar. Half to one kilo is the recommended weight to begin with. Any ball will do that is about the size of a small football.

Contact Chris for further details.

25 April: World Tai Chi Day Online Chen Foundation Workshop

Instead of meeting up outside for training on World Tai Chi Day, we are taking our practice online with Zoom with Tai Ji Circle’s Online Foundation workshop. So come and try the traditional form of Chen Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) with Shifu Liu Quanjun.

Relax and benefit health through practical Foundation training that both relaxes the mind and body and improves strength, balance and coordination. 
With refreshments breaks and Q&A.
Suitable for all levels and new students.

Sign up through Eventbrite


Our test run before the lockdown.

Now at the end of March we are all in the UK and many other countries following government advice to stay safe and well at home, which can be isolating for us all.

At Tai Ji Circle we are moving all our classes online until further notice. Now we have set up our Zoom Taiji Classes and they are working well. We of course miss Shifu Liu’s precise adjustments to posture in a real class, but at least this way we can gather together, follow his movements, discuss any questions and practice together in our own homes.

We have shared our link on information about Yifei Gong, created by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang to practice at home and support and strengthen our immune system and help lung health. 

We recommend that everyone follows the government and NHS guidelines, and contact 111 by phone or online or contact their doctor if they are ill.
• the vulnerable and over 70’s remain safe at home, washing the hands if entering or leaving home, and 
• self-isolation for 7-14 days if you or anyone in your family is ill.

Here are some of the web links for checking full government and NHS guidelines. It is however very important to keep exercising safely for health and well being.



Camden Age UK have also set up a number of activities and services for people aged over 55 who are unwell, self-isolating or struggling to get out that you can take part in from home. They are offering an assisted online shopping service, live streaming music recitals every day, an online book club and a telephone befriending service. Visit www.ageukcamden.org.uk or call 020 7239 0400 to find out more about what they have on offer for Camden residents.

Normal classes on hold… Online classes to come

Tai Ji Circle are sorry to say, that due the Covid-19 global outbreak, we have had to abandon our normal schedule of Chen Taijiquan classes with Shifu Liu at the venues as listed on the Timetable.

We will be setting up some online classes through Zoom and will notify you of these as soon as possible when we have made tests to check that it is working smoothly. We are keen to keep in touch so that there is more social interaction and possibility to learn even while we are in our homes. As an attendee to a session on Zoom you can join in without signing up or try a free account to facilitate. Please do email us and get in touch if you are interested.

Yifei Gong from GM Chen Xiaowang

Yifei Gong with Shifu Liu at Tai Ji Circle

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang has created Yifei Gong, a series of movements rooted in Chen Taijiquan’s Old Frame routine, combined with deep breathing, that help to support and strengthen the function of the lungs and immune system during the flu season and the 2019 outbreak of the Coronavirus. Each of the movements should be practiced slowly nine times. Here, is an extract of Master Liu Quanjun from Tai Ji Circle teaching the students in class.

Shifu Liu is teaching Yifei Gong in some of his Foundation classes, here is a shortened version:

Yifei Gong instructional video in full, link:

This is the original full video link with instructions from Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. 

Chinese New Year Canonbury Demonstration

Shifu Liu performs extracts from Xinjia Yi and Er Lu

Great start to the Chinese New Year with an invitation from Islington Council to perform Chen Taiji alongside the Islington Chinese Association’s charming performances of the traditional Lion Dance. We performed a range of hand and weapon forms. After several hours out in the cold we ended up sharing a delicious Chinese meal at the Yipin China. Wonderful of our students and friends to come out from far and wide around London to perform, grateful thanks for their support.

Check our new Chinese New Year Gallery page

The lively jumps from Xinjia New Frame Form