TJC AGM & Xmas Celebrations

Shifu Liu takes care of the baby during our practice!

TJC Christmas celebrations got started with our AGM, updating our students on our news for 2020 and presenting our new training awards for those new friends who had studied hard through the year and who had held their nerve and attended the Chen Taiji Assessments with Shifu Liu the previous weekend.

Shifu Liu then proceeded to teach the Lively Step Da Bei Qi Gong which had everyone up on their feet to try it out, followed by the student Chen demonstrations, some forms in the round, weapons, ball and splendid version of Double Sabres with Lai and Michael circling around each other. 

We were incredibly lucky this year to have live traditional Chinese music played for us by Joanna Zhenghui Qiu, such a gifted musician, who supplied such a varied background of music on at least four different traditional instruments, a perfect soundscape for taiji practice.

Huge thanks for everyones help, setting up and taking down, washing up, preparing tasty dishes to share and most important of all taking the time to come along.

see our Xmas 2019 Gallery page for more

After eating fantastic food brought by our students and friends, it was playtime at the end of the day…

38 Form Tai Chi Demo

Chris was invited to perform a solo Chen routine for the students of Long River Tai Chi with their teacher Richard Selby, at the Ewen Hall in Barnet. It was a lovely occasion with all Richard’s students taking part performing a mix of Yang style and qi gong routines. And it was really wonderful to perform the 38 Chen Form created by GM Chen Xiaowang to live music on the Guzheng (Chinese zither, an instrument with a history of 2.500 yrs) played by Ms Yuet Ho Mok.

12 October Extra Saturday Classes begin

This is the first date of Shifu Liu’s extra Saturday classes as outlined below. A great opportunity to practice more Qi Gong, or learn the Chen Spear Form and gain extra strength power training with Shifu.

Shifu Liu’s NEW Saturday Classes 14:00 -17:00 at St Paul’s on:
12, 26 October
30 November and
7 December

Saturday Classes Timetable on dates above:
14:00 -15:00 Shifu Liu’s Private Class: Da Bei Qi Gong (drop-in £10)*
15:00 – 16:00  Chen Taiji Weapons – Chen Spear Form
16:00 -17:00  Chen Martial Applications and strength training

These extra classes are interspersed between workshops.

*Shifu Liu’s private Qi Gong Class Fee: £10.00 (cash only)
Regular TJC Term Passes can be used, or normal drop-in fees.

New Saturday afternoon Classes at St Paul’s

We can now confirm Shifu Liu’s three additional Saturday classes in between workshops, so there is a Saturday practice most weeks, the details are below. Classes start on the dates given, beginning on 12 October. Shifu Liu will continue teaching his Da Bei class at 9.00am on Sundays mornings at the Islington Chinese Association.

Shifu Liu’s NEW Saturday Classes at St Paul’s, Camden Square on:
12, 26 October, 
30 November and 
7 December

Saturday Class Times: 14:00 -17:00
14:00 -15:00 Shifu Liu’s Private Class: Da Bei Qi Gong* All levels
15:00 – 16:00 Chen Taiji Weapons – Chen Spear Form – Long form, level 3-4
16:00 -17:00 Chen Martial applications and strength training

These extra classes are interspersed between workshops.
Saturday Class Fees:
• Shifu Liu’s Da Bei Qi Gong: £10* cash only
• Term Three TJC Passes or drop-in fees can be used for payment for the other classes.

Any queries please email us. Thank you.

Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – with Tai Ji Circle London

Tai Ji Circle welcomed this opportunity to meet Councillor Sabrina Francis, Deputy Mayor of Camden Council, and Mr Gong Songqi the Deputy Mayor of Jiaozuo city, and the rest of the officials from China who brought the 2019 China Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – The Thousand Miles on “The Belt & Road” to London.

We are immensely grateful to Councillor Francis for giving up her time on a bank holiday Saturday to join us and to all our students and friends who also came along to support us during their holidays. We would like to especially thank the TJC demonstration team who trained with Shifu Liu for their performances, photographers Matt, Raul and Lai for help with photographs, Michael for helping with introductions in Chinese.

Thanks to Ms. Zheng Xiaomin who provided us with English translations and presented unseen, the audio visual presentation up in the sound booth and Gary for taking care of microphones and video connections.

Shifu Liu Quanjun travelled with the 2019 China Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – The Thousand Miles on the “The Belt & Road”, to Edinburgh, Oxford, and finished in London with Tai Ji Circle. We are very happy to celebrate China’s cultural ‘gift’ of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), that is loved and shared worldwide, and help to promote exchange between British and Chinese peoples. 

The Chinese delegation were:
Mr. Gong Songqi, Deputy Mayor of Jiaozuo Municipal People’s Government
Mr. Li Jianyang, Deputy Secretary for Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism of Jiaozuo City
Ms. Li Meiling, Vice Governor of Wenxian People’s Government of Jiaozuo City
Mr. Li Xuhua, Deputy Director, Information Office, Jiaozuo City Government
Mr. Wang Haichang, Director of Wenxian Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism of Jiaozuo City
Ms. Zheng Xiaomin, Deputy Director, Chenjiagou Scenic Area Administration Bureau, Wenxian City, Jiaozuo City
Mr. Feng Zhijian, President of Jiaozuo Tourism Association and Chairman of Yuntai International Travel Agency of Henan Province.

Belt and Road Tour Group picture London 24 August 2019
Councillor Sabrina Francis with Mr Gong Songqi and the other Chinese delegates, with TJC students and friends at the end of our event.

Master Chen Bing unable to come to the UK


Tai Ji Circle are very sorry to announce that Master Chen Bing is unable to attend our event in London on 24 August and he sends his sincere apologies as he is unfortunately unable to enter the UK at this time. 

To enable the Jiaozui Tai Chi Cultural Tour to continue, Master Chen and the Jiaozuo government have invited Master Liu Quanjun of Tai Ji Circle to stand in for Master Chen Bing. Master Liu will now be part of the UK tour giving free workshops and demonstrations visiting Edinburgh and Oxford to celebrate China’s cultural ‘gift’ of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).

As planned, we are holding our free London event on 24 August 11:00 to 13:00 at the Performance Hall of Haverstock School, NW3, and we very much look forward to welcoming you and meeting the party from China and attending Master Liu’s free workshop and the demonstrations of Chen Taijiquan. 

It is disappointing news to miss this opportunity of meeting Master Chen Bing and we send him our very best wishes and hope that he will be able to come to the UK in the future. 

However it should be a great session with Shifu Liu and it is an honour for him to represent Chenjiagou and Chen Taijiquan, and for us all to come together to celebrate and enjoy the practice.

Eventbrite tickets for 24 August in London

Talk on the Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Chris gives a speech at the AGM

Chris gave a talk about the benefits to health of taiji practice, at the AGM of the Kensington & Chelsea Forum for Older Residents, with whom she teaches a very popular weekly class in Notting Hill.

I asked my friends in the taiji class to give me some feedback on their experiences that i could read out at the AGM and they were really wonderful, here’s one example:-

“I love the tai chi classes, they give me energy & a sense of well being.  I think it is useful that you encourage us to do exercises at home, in fact you give us many tips.  Your patience is amazing, some of the seniors do not listen!” Sarah

Shifu Liu and Chris at Healthwatch AGM in London!

Chris talked while Shifu Liu demonstrates the correct seated position for qi gong or meditation practice, back straight, head erect, knees balanced over the ankles, everyone joined in the sound qi gong practice, even the Mayor!

Shifu Liu and Chris were invited to give a taiji/qi gong lesson by Central West London Healthwatch at their AGM at Kensington Town Hall on 15 July,

Shifu Liu and Chris do a selfie!

TJC’s Chen Tai Ji Summer Demo

Tai Ji Circle’s Summer demonstration of Chen Taijiquan on 15 July, led by Shifu Liu Quanjun, showed the progression of many of the Chen routines we teach as part of our syllabus, from Foundation training, hand and weapon forms, such as Fan, Sword, Stick, Double Sabres. Shifu Liu expertly finished with a section of Xinjia Er Lu, one of the most advanced Chen routines full of jumps and energy releases. Enormous thanks to our team of students and friends who came from many parts of London and gave their time and energy to support and participate with us.

Shifu Liu taking us through Foundation silk reeling training

The Chen 19 Form Routine
Chen Short Staff routine
Chen Taiji Fan Form
Shifu Liu… jumps from an extract of Xinjia Er Lu