5 Feb: New Two-man Chen Form Course – Booking now

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This is the beginning of a unique 8 week Tai Ji Circle course with Shifu Liu teaching the 1st Two-Person Chen-style Form. The form is taught step-by step working with a partner, there is no actual physical contact between partner’s.

There are martial application contained within each movement of the Chen style and these can be clearly seen and will be explained by Shifu Liu throughout the form.

This two-person form has been developed by the Chen family Grandmaster, Chen Xiaowang and is for Levels 1-3 of the Wushu Association Duanwei grading system that is recognised as a teaching system across China and the world. This is a great opportunity to learn this tai ji martial form in the UK.

Tai Ji Circle members can attend the course with their class pass.

Non-members Fee: £96, Concessions £72 for 8 class pass

Drop-in fees: £15.00, Concessions £8.50 (cash only)

Concession only available with proof.