Tai Chi for Health • Martial Arts • Relaxation
Come to Tai Ji Circle for:
  • A comprehensive Chen Tai Ji (tai chi) training programme
  • Traditional and Modern Chen Taijiquan hand forms
  • Chen style weapons forms
  • Ongoing classes for beginners to advanced levels
  • Traditional training as in China
  • Friendly place to train
  • Weekly classes, monthly workshops and free ‘tai chi in the park’ sessions

Benefits of training Chen Tai Ji with us:

  • Improve health and fitness
  • Increase stamina, coordination, balance and flexibility
  • Decrease stress and increase relaxation
  • Study with a genuine Chinese taijiquan master, Liu Quanjun, 20th generation disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang
  • Individual posture correction from Master Liu
  • Increase self confidence and improve your quality of life
> 12 August: TJC Summer Qi Gong Seminar in London with Shifu Liu, booking through Eventbrite or via our Events
> TJC Summer holiday dates 2017
There are no classes from 12 August – 3 September.
All classes start from Monday 4 September.
> NEWS: There are no Thursday classes on 3 August, all other classes run normally until 13 August when we close.

> Term Two: last classes on Thursday 10 August 

>  Beginners Chen Foundation Classes with Shifu Liu
 A 7-class pass is  cheaper than drop-in fees and can be used as you like until 10 August. Sundays: 10.00-11.00 am at The London Irish Centre, Chapel Suite, 50-52 Camden Square, London, NW1 9XB, or at the other Foundation classes we teach in the evenings, see Timetable for details.

> 5 August: Free Tai Ji in The Park: 12:00 to 13:15 in Camden Square Gardens, London NW1, with Shifu Liu, join the MeetUp or just come along
> 5 August: Afternoon Chen Taijiquan Classes (only on 1st Saturday of the month) St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, NW1 9XG
13:30 – 14:30  NEW Class in Tai Ji Ball
14:30 – 15:30 Single Sword/Sabre/Mixed Weapons

15:30 – 17:30 New Frame Form, Xinjia Yi Lu

> 2017 New TJC’s Chen Tai Ji Calendar  See all our great Workshops, Saturday classes and Free tai ji sessions and special events coming up with Tai Ji Circle this year.

> For friends and family: Tai Ji Circle Gift Vouchers are available, so buy your partner or friend a class, or workshop straight from our website, on the drop-down Menu from our Members/Class Fees page. Tai Ji Circle embodies authentic and traditional principles of Chinese internal martial arts and Chinese medicine. Through a wide range of weekly Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi) classes and workshops, students of all ages and levels of fitness can benefit from the expert teaching of Shifu Liu at affordable prices. Tai Ji Circle hopes to promote a healthy way of life for their students, who come from the local community, all around London and from all over the world. Everyone welcome!

  • Teaching taiji to a group of students in a hall
    Shifu Liu teaching chan si jing

Tai Chi is both an internal martial art and a form of meditation through flowing circular movements that help strengthen and balance the body and mind. The mental and spiritual focus required to perform it correctly, frees the energies of the body to flow naturally. Tai Chi Qi Gong practiced in Foundation classes is meditative and relaxing and is also suitable for those with health issues who cannot stand for long. Tai Ji Circle is a north London school and charity dedicated to sharing and promoting Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and qi gong (chi kung) practice. Classes are directed and taught by Liu Quanjun and assisted and managed by Christine Jones, both disciples of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, the 19th generation lineage heir of the Chen family, who originated modern Tai Chi taught worldwide today.

Chen Xiaowang, Liu Quanjun and Chris
Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang with his TJC disciples, Liu Quanjun and Chris Jones

We are also very fortunate to have regular guests from China, such as Master Chen Ziqiang, nephew of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, and the son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing. Chen Ziqiang is a 20th generation direct descendant of the Chen Family Taijiquan, and is the Chief Coach of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in Henan Province, China. Master Ziqiang is a multiple national martial arts champion of China.

Master Chen Ziqiang with Liu Quanjun & Chris on his 2015 visit to London.

Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan is the Cantonese spelling) Tai Chi (Taijiquan of the Chen style) is practiced as a sequence of slow or dynamic movements or forms, that combine ‘soft’ and ‘hard’, with ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ actions. It is performed in a relaxed, balanced and natural way that adheres to the philosophical Daoist (Taoist) principles of Yin Yang, the Chinese theory of opposites. Chen style Taijiquan has bare hand and weapon routines suitable for beginners to advanced levels, push hands and martial applications and techniques. It can be practiced meditatively and slowly in a high stance, or faster in a lower stance for increasing stamina and power, (which makes it different from other tai chi styles) but also makes it suitable for different age groups to practice.


“In the beginning use the body to move the ‘energy’ – much later you can use the ‘energy’ to move the body!” Liu Quanjun

CXW Logo 18cm.rgbTai Ji Circle are members of the Chen Xiao Wang Worldwide Taijiquan Association, the Chenjiagou Taijiquan Association, the BCCMA, (the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts) and the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. chen-logo2-300dpi_2411sm   See video link of Chen family Taijiquan in action!

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