Live Zoom and In Venue Tai Chi Classes with Shifu Liu (in venue with masks and social distancing). There are no drop-ins nor do we accept cash at classes and workshops.
It is easy to book your own classes and workshops in advance from our TJC Bookwhen classes page or on our TJC Bookwhen workshop page.

The TJC Bookings and Payments  schedule page has the list of weekly Chen Taijiquan live Zoom and In Venue classes with Shifu Liu and Chris and how to book your class and pay. For security reasons it is best for a class participant to set up a free account on Zoom before entry to the online classes and also Bookwhen for organising payments where they can access all their classes and payment information. More advanced and weapons classes are in Venue only.

We are keen to keep in touch with our taiji family of students to maintain social interaction between us and to be able to adapt and keep learning even while we are training in our homes on live Zoom or able to attend face to face classes in our venues.

We hope that you all stay safe and well during these very difficult times of transition, and also keep on practicing and exercising at home for maintaining mental and physical health and well-being.

We also still wish to honour NHS staff and carers  by offering them some free Online classes, or reduced rates – contact Chris.

Tai Chi for Health, Relaxation and Martial Arts 


Tai Ji Circle is a north London school and charity dedicated to sharing and promoting Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and qi gong (chi kung) practice. Our weekly tai ji classes and monthly workshops for beginners to advanced levels are directed and taught by Master Liu Quanjun and assisted and managed by Christine Jones. They are both disciples of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, the 19th generation lineage heir of the Chen family Taijiquan, that was the origin of many modern Tai Chi styles taught around the world today.

We offer:
•  A comprehensive Chen Tai Ji (tai chi) training programme
• Traditional and Modern Chen Taijiquan hand forms
• Chen style Push Hands and Martial Applications
• Chen style weapons forms
• Ongoing classes for beginners to advanced levels
• Traditional training as in China
• Friendly place to train – everyone is welcome
• Weekly classes, monthly workshops and free ‘tai chi in the park’ sessions

Benefits of Chen Tai Ji training  with us:
• Improve health and fitness
• Increase stamina, coordination, balance and flexibility
• Decrease stress and increase relaxation
• Study with a genuine Chinese taijiquan master, Liu Quanjun, 20th generation disciple of Chen lineage head, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang
• Individual posture correction from Master Liu
• Increase self confidence and improve your quality of life

We are also very fortunate to have an annual visit from China of Master Chen Ziqiang, the son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing and nephew of Standard Bearer Chen Xiaowang. Master Chen Ziqiang is a 20th generation direct descendant of the Chen Taijiquan Family. He is the Chief Coach of the prestigious Chenjiagou Taijiquan Academy and a renowned tai ji teacher and martial arts champion. Both he and his students have achieved overwhelming victories in numerous competitions both in China and worldwide. Master Chen’s Tai Ji is impeccable and he is ranked as one of the true great masters within the Taijiquan community.

Master Chen Ziqiang in the centre with Liu Quanjun and Chris

Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan is the Cantonese spelling) Tai Chi (Taijiquan of the Chen style) is practiced as a sequence of slow or dynamic movements or forms, that combine ‘soft’ and ‘hard’, with ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ actions. It is performed in a relaxed, balanced and natural way that adheres to the philosophical Daoist (Taoist) principles of Yin Yang, the Chinese theory of opposites. Chen style Taijiquan has bare hand and weapon routines suitable for beginners to advanced levels, push hands and martial applications and techniques. It can be practiced meditatively and slowly in a high stance, or faster in a lower stance for increasing stamina and power, (which makes it different from other tai chi styles) but also makes it suitable for different age groups to practice.


Some of the Calendar 2021 workshops, trips, bookings and special visits from tai chi masters, are postponed until the pandemic eases… We are teaching taiji and qi gong workshops online and in venue, see the Events page.

We have a new Foundation In Venue and Online Beginners classes Beginners Chen Taiji Course new students are welcome to book and attend.

We recommend that everyone follows the government and NHS guidelines, shield and safeguard if you need to, wash your hands when entering and leaving home/shopping/office etc and keep the 1-2 metres social distance. We are monitor the government guidelines and have a Risk Assessment for In Venue classes updated on 19 July 2021.

Shifu Liu teaching GM Chen Xiaowang’s Yifei Gong at Tai Ji Circle to support lung health in February 2020 classes before the first lockdown in March. Daily practice of breathing and movement exercises at home helps to keep us healthy.

“In the beginning use the body to move the ‘energy’ – much later you can use the ‘energy’ to move the body!” Liu Quanjun

More on Chen Taiijiquan

Classes to Book & Pay

Timetable & Bookings

Our London classes started back in venue, at St Paul’s in Camden Square and the Islington Chinese Association from Sunday 5 September.

Please book and pay for all your weekly Tai Ji Circle classes with Shifu Liu and Chris below, with an online or in venue option, as a TJC member or non-member, (non-members are limited to purchase 8 classes in Venue and 15 classes Online).

We can no longer accept cash or drop-ins at our venues, and as numbers are limited all classes must be pre-booked and paid through Bookwhen.

Membership is £100 for new students for the training year (January to December), and £70 for renewal, also partial year membership is available. With Membership you can save cost for class fees and workshops. Book a Single Class or buy a Class Pass to save on fees (when booking a class it will deduct them automatically from your pass).

On the Schedule timetable classes are listed as ‘In Venue’ or ‘Online’.

Class Passes (8, 15 or 30 credits) you can book in all the classes you may want to take, or just a few at a time, and the system will know when you have used them up automatically. If you cannot make a class you can transfer it to another time or date, before the class takes place. If you wish to do classes ‘Online’ and ‘In Venue’ it is best to buy two different passes for each option as the passes are not interchangeable.

When booking please set up a Bookwhen account with an email and password, so that you can sign-in later to see all your bookings, classes and payments. Your email address is used to identify you when booking with a pass or class. An email reminder is sent out before your classes after payment, with the online Zoom link. With Online Class booking, click on the class online link to add it to your calendar. (Please email Chris if any problems)



Ticket fees for ‘In Venue’ or ‘Online’ classes are listed by Member or Non-Member. All ticket/pass payments can be paid by credit card

To Book & Pay: First click/highlight the class you want to attend and then you will see the class details and price options, click on the Single payment option or Passes to select credits for cheaper class fees.
When buying a Pass you must book one class at the same time.

There are two free online Community classes with Chris, NHS workers and carers can also attend at the Members rate. Overseas online students can also have a discount and book ‘Online’ classes paying the Members fee.

Chen Taiji Beginner students who wish to pay for the Foundation Course Classes should buy the NEW 8 class non-members Beginners pass, and email Chris your intended start date. Those valid for a concessionary rate can buy their class/pass at the Members rate (see the Beginners Course page for all details). Online links are sent out with Bookwhen booking.

Below is a full guide for TJC students using Bookwhen system for the first time and any queries you may have.


If you prefer you might find it easier to use the main TJC Bookwhen booking and payment site here for your first booking and to set up an account: https://bookwhen.com/taijicircle

Book online

When you have an account you can log-in with your email below to book more classes.

The time zone is London UK BST, and payment in GB pounds.

Booking guide to follow:- https://helpforbookers.helpsite.com/articles/38035-purchasing-class-passes
Please note that class tickets or class pass bookings can ONLY be transferred BEFORE the class takes place.

Class levels
• Foundation Chen is suitable for new students to taiji and all levels for essential technique practice and correction
• Chen 19 Form is suitable for students progressing from Foundation (3-6 months)
• Laojia Yi Lu (classic Old Frame 1 Form) practice with thorough understanding of Foundation training and knowledge of the 19 Form
• Laojia Er Lu (classic Old Frame 2 Form) knowledge and understanding of previous levels
• Chen Sword, Chen Fan and weapons, good hand forms practice is required
• Xinjia Yi Lu and Er Lu (Chen New Frame Form 1 and 2) are advanced routines
• Taiji Ball strength training is open to all levels and is an online Zoom class
Due to the unknown situation of Covid-19 we are currently teaching a reduced syllabus. There are no Xinjia or sword classes at the moment.

If you had a previous TJC Members Subscription for Online classes in 2020 and wish to unsubscribe please click on the button below.


Donate here if you wish to support Tai Ji Circle’s work, or the free classes that we offer – thank you

If you have any problems please email us.

In-Venue & Online from 5 September

Evenings: Islington Chinese Association + Online Zoom 
18:30-19:30    Tai Ji 2: Chen Laojia Yi Lu
19:30-23:00    Tai Ji 3: Cannon Fist Laojia Er Lu

07:30-08:30    Early Morning Practice with Shifu – Online Zoom 
11:00-12:00    Tai Ji Community Class – with Chris at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square and Online Zoom
Evenings: Islington Chinese Association + Online Zoom 
18:30-19:30    Tai Ji 2: Chen Fan Form (Form)
19:30-23:00    Tai Ji 3: Push Hands and Applications (no contact training) not online

07:30-08:30    Early Morning Practice with Shifu – Online Zoom 
18:00-19:00    Tai Ji Ball training – Online Zoom (from 18 May)

07:30-08:30    Early Morning Practice with Shifu – Online Zoom
Evenings: St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square + Online Zoom
18:30-19:30    Tai Ji: Chen Foundation Course
19:30-20:30    Tai Ji 2: Chen Laojia Yi Lu

07:30-08:30    Early Morning Practice with Shifu– Online Zoom
11:00-12:00    Tai Ji Community Class – with Chris Online Zoom 

1st Saturday of the Month –  Currently Online Zoom
11:30 – 12:30  FREE Virtual Tai Chi Class with Shifu Liu  – see website for details

Saturday Workshops 
St Paul’s Church, Camden Square + Online Zoom
13:00 – 16:00  Chen Tai Ji Workshops – see website Events

At Islington Chinese Association + Online Zoom
10:00-11:00    Tai Ji: Chen Foundation Class/Course
11:00-12:00    Tai Ji 1: Chen 19 Part Form – general 
12:00-13:00    Tai Ji 3: Chen Laojia Yi Lu Form


Foundation Tai Ji (tai chi) Courses/Classes 2021

Tai Ji Circle’s classes and courses are now open both in our London venues, in Camden and Holloway and online Zoom.

Also available is our free Virtual Tai Chi Class with Shifu Liu on the 1st Saturday of the month, 11:30-12:30 BST. Please  Register with Zoom to attend. Chris also teaches two weekday Foundation Qi Gong classes 11:00-12:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Discover the roots of Tai chi (taiji) with Tai Ji Circle and try the traditional form of Chen Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) with renowned London Chen-style master Liu Quanjun and Chris. Learn how to relax and benefit health through our practical Foundation courses/classes, discover the hidden power in this authentic internal martial art, and understand theories and philosophies that underpin the Chen style.


Shifu Liu teaches the syllabus of standing practice and silk reeling exercises that are the base for learning Chen taijiquan forms practice. Classes are twice a week at our venues in St Paul’s Church Hall/Camden and Islington Chinese Association/Archway. We understand that it is not always possible to attend twice a week and you can spread out your learning to suit your own timetable. Learning Chen Taiji takes time, persistence, perseverance and repetition of the movements to improve posture, balance and coordination, it’s not a quick fix! First with correction from Shifu Liu we learn Foundation training and then learn the movements of a routine. When a routine has been memorised we can begin to relax into Chen Taijiquan practice. Then Shifu Liu continues to help us improve through careful correction of posture of each part of the routine, and keeping up foundation training is the regular background practice for very level.

Since the pandemic (we do not accept drop-ins or cash) we have an online booking and payment system https://bookwhen.com/taijicircle so that you can control which class and when you want to attend, either online zoom or in the venue. You set up an account with your email (which is used as your ID) when you click on the class you wish to do and whether you want to pay for a single class or save money and get an 8 x class pass (choose either an in-venue or online pass). There is a shopping cart at the top of the screen, and you get taken through the booking and payment process. If you buy an online class you should be sent an email with the Zoom joining link, or confirmation email if you wish to attend in venue.
See the NEW Beginners Foundation 8 class pass for non-members to use in venue at reduced rates (click on Foundation class and then on the class pass option)

Book online

Full-time students and those applicable can buy an 8 class Members Class Pass option at a concessionary rate for class, this is a one-off offer.

Sundays from 10:00 – 11:00 at the Islington Chinese Association
21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG
Archway underground or Upper Holloway (Rail), walk or bus down Holloway Rd, to Marlborough Road.

Thursdays from 18:30 – 19:30 at St Paul’s Church Hall 
Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG
Camden tube or Camden Road Overground Rail, buses 29 or 253 up Camden Road

We are still being Covid secure and ask you to wear a mask into the venue, use gel and be careful of social distance.

New Foundation course dates for 2021

You can buy single classes and come to Foundation classes when you like, or get the most benefit from an 8 class pass.

1)  5 to 30 September
5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30 September

2)  10 October to 4 November
10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 31 October; 4 November

3)  15 November to 10 December
14, 19, 21, 25, 28November; 2, 5, 9 December

Sundays from 10:00 – 11:00 at the Islington Chinese Association
21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG
Archway underground or Upper Holloway (Rail), walk or bus down Holloway Rd, to Marlborough Road.

Thursdays from 18:30 – 19:30 at St Paul’s Church Hall
Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG
Camden tube or Camden Road Overground Rail, buses 29 or 253 up Camden Road

If you need help with our Bookwhen class booking and payment system check here:


To qualify for concessionary fees (please supply proof at first class):-
• full-time student
• unemployment, housing or on incapacity benefit
• over 60 or under 18 years
• chronic health issues, ask Chris or Shifu Liu (email us)
• children under 16 in adult Foundation class are free with parent

Whether you are new to Taijiquan or more experienced, practicing the foundation training is essential to build strength, calmness, and gain full energy which is necessary for more advanced practice. Our courses are recommended for all new students to gain a grasp of the essential requirements of the Chen style.

Everyone welcome, no previous experience is required.

If you have health issues please let us know and have permission from your doctor before joining our classes.

Our Chen Tai ji Foundation course or 8 classes includes:-
• Nei Gong, internal practice
• Jiben Gong, warm ups and silk reeling exercises
• Understanding tai ji movement principles and the role of the dantian (energy centre) and kua (groin),
• Training for health benefits, agility and better balance

Objectives of the Foundation Chen Taijiquan Course
• Release and learn to soften and relax tension, using your natural breath
• Learn the basic stances and hand positions of the Chen style
• Gain better alignment, balance and coordination
• Standing practice and posture correction for improved alignment and strength
• Understand Silk Reeling exercises, to gain control of balance and weight changing, and to circulate energy throughout the body
• Use of yin yang theory in Tai ji practice
• Understand some of the basic theories and philosophies underlying Chen Taijiquan
• Understand how the martial applications are within apparently simple movements even at the Foundation level.

To help your practice, if you sign up for a course of 8 classes you will receive:-
• Notes with a brief history/principles of Chen style taijiquan with a glossary of terminology
• Detailed posture correction (in Venues only) from Shifu Liu, Chris (if permittable)
• Lesson Plan for self-practice at home and
• Send you Vimeo class links for reference and practice.

“Thank you so much for this amazing material and for organising everything in such a clear way. This course is by far the best one I have ever taken, and I’ve tried quite a few places!”
AN. 2020

Chen Xiaowang

Standard Bearer of Chen Taijiquan

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang was born in 1945 in Chenjiagou (Chen Village), Henan Province, China and is currently the standard bearer of the 19th generation of the Chen family. He is a senior national martial artist and professor in the Chinese Martial Arts International Promotions Centre. Upon the solid foundation of the experience of his ancestors, Chen has not only been successful in Taijiquan himself, but has tirelessly promoted his “family martial art” throughout the world. He is direct descendent of the legendary Chen Wang Ting, originator of Chen Taijiquan in the 17th Century, and the grandson of Chen Fa’ke, renowned as the greatest Taijiquan master at the beginning of the 20th Century.

At a very young age, Chen received rigorous training in Chen family Taijiquan theory, forms, weapons, push hands, and free sparring from his father, Chen Zhaoxu, and his uncles, Chen Zhaopi and Chen Zhaokui. In 1980, he became a board member of the Henan Institute of Sport and began teaching Taijiquan professionally. He entered the National Taijiquan Competition winning gold medals for three consecutive years (1980-82). In 1985, he represented China in the First International Martial Arts Invitational Competition in Xi’an receiving the World Champion title for Taijiquan. Chen continued to compete in sizable competitions and was awarded the title of champion in Taijiquan more than twenty times.

Chen served as the sole deputy elected from Taijiquan circles to the Chinese National People’s Assembly. In 1988, he was awarded the Contribution to Martial Arts prize by the National Institute of Martial Arts, and the Chinese Government recognised him as a “Living National Treasure.” He is recognised as one of four “Buddha’s Warrior Attendants,” the four outstanding exponents of the 19th generation in Chenjiagou. Chen Xiaowang was chairperson of the Henan Province Chen Push Hands Taijiquan Association; deputy head of the Wushu Academy of Henan Province; and technical advisor and official assessor for the standardised competition routines for the Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun styles of taijiquan. In 2010 he was honoured with the highest distinction in Chinese martial arts, the 9th duan wei.

Chen has created two condensed forms of the Laojia and Xinjia forms; a 38-posture form and a 19-posture form, and the 9-posture form for beginners. He told inside Kung-Fu Magazine in 1991, “I have tried to do away with all the repetitions and simplify the exceedingly difficult moves without destroying the characteristics of Chen Style Taijiquan, with special emphasis to attack/defense and the chansi technique.”

He has represented China sharing martial arts knowledge with people all over the world. His deep Taijiquan skill has allowed him to defeat all martial artists who have challenged him. Over many years, Chen has taught tens of thousands of Taijiquan students both in and outside of China.

Chen has held many positions of leadership in areas of martial arts, calligraphy, culture, and Chinese medicine and currently holds various positions in many international and Chinese Taijiquan institutions. He was the principal in the films on Chen family Taijiquan produced by Chinese Central Television (CCTV) and has choreographed and directed martial arts films. Additionally, he authored a number of renowned books and essays on Taijiquan. His books and videos have been translated into many languages and have been published worldwide.

Chen is also leading a project to rebuild the house of Chen Changxing, the fourteenth generation Chen family. A project made possible by the contribution of his disciples and all the students who have bought his beautiful calligraphy, (example right) “Jing , Qi, Shen”, Essence, Energy, Spirit, which TJC use the motto on our T shirt.

Chen has contributed significantly to the international promotion of Taijiquan. In 1990, he left China on a mission to promote Taijiquan to the world. He established the World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association and has since been touring Europe, North America, South America, and Asia promoting and teaching Taijiquan. The distance he travels each year is equivalent to twice the circumference of the earth. In February 2003, he accepted an invitation to return to his hometown, Jiao Zuo, to author a Taijiquan book for elementary and high school students. Both the people and government of Jiao Zuo warmly welcomed him.

Chen’s big heartedness, his outstanding Taijiquan skills, and his personal characteristics make him highly respected around the world. He is truly the most outstanding Chen family Taijiquan master of his generation and a world-renowned martial artist.

Coronavirus 2020
Check the link on information about Yifei Gong, created by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang to support and strengthen immune system and lung health in the flu season following the Coronavirus outbreak of 2019-2020.

Chen Xiaowang’s website

Video of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and other masters talking about the history and demonstrating the Chen style


Shifu Liu’s Christmas Message from the AGM

At TJC’s AGM on 12 December 2020 we looked back at the changes that had taken place during this challenging year, Shifu Liu’s message seemed particularly important, so we are sharing it with you. This year thanks to all students attending classes this year through difficult time. Wishes everyone a happy holiday season and Christmas. …